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What is mobile number spoofing? : Hello friends, in today’s time, the cases of mobile number spoofing or Caller id Spoofing are increasing continuously in our country, recently the name of Jacqueline Fernandes, who was a victim of mobile number spoofing, is included in this.

 In today’s digital world there are so many frauds and scams that don’t even ask. Many times calls come from an unknown number that you have won a lottery of one crore rupees, quickly call the number given below. Moreover, mails, messages and calls keep coming on mobile related to fraud and scam. But in recent years, new techniques are being adopted to scam. Whose name is Spoof Calling. Do you know what is Spoof Calling? What are the ways to avoid Spoof Calling? If you do not know, then in today’s blog, we are going to give you complete information related to spoof calling.


Mobile number spoofing is not a new technology, it is being used by fraudsters in many ways to cheat people, if you do not know what is mobile number spoofing or call number spoofing? So in this post, we will tell you all the information related to mobile number spoofing and also tell you how to avoid it from the technology of cybercrime, please read this post till the end so that you can know about call spoofing.

Know about Mobile Number Spoofing (Caller id Spoofing)?

I number spoofing is not a new new technology it is used by fraudsters to trick or cheat any well known people, mobile number spoofing or call spoofing the process of manipulating color ID information call number spoofing says I

In the case of spoofing, the victim is made to believe that the call is from a well known person. People like person celebrity have got call whether or not they like the most.

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By doing this, an attempt is made to cheat that person, many famous people have become victims of this fraudster, recently the name of Fernandes, who was a victim of mobile number spoofing, is also included in this list.

Since when is mobile number spoofing happening?

Mobile number spoofing is not a new technology since the invention of mobile, people have started using it to talk, since then this technique was invented by the fraudsters (hacker) at the same time i.e. mobile number spoofing . A new fraud technique from a very old fraudster that has been used for years.

How does spoofing call scam work?

Now let’s talk about how call scoping works, let us tell you that call spoofing is done using mobile number spoofing caller ID spoofing using fraudulent VoIP based software.

With the help of this method, fraudsters can show you the number of some other location by manuplating the caller ID, whereas in reality the location of the call can be of many other.

mobile number spoofing

VoIP based software is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a mobile network.

In this way fraudster can do mobile number spoofing with any person.

Who does mobile number spoofing?

Mobile number spoofing is used to deceive any person, forget him, strike him, it is used to deliver wrong news, it can be used by any person, tell it is used by hackers, fraudsters and fraudsters .

  • hacker
  • forger
  • Cheat

What is Spoof Calling?

Spoof calling is such a digital technique by which we can call any person from the desired mobile number. Through this technique, we can call any person by our desired number and name. Let us understand this with an example. For example, suppose you have a friend whom you want to play a prank on him by making a spoof call, so you call him with the mobile number and name of a popular person.

So when your friend will get your call then the same name and mobile number which you have set will appear in his mobile. So your friend will think that the same popular person has called him. So the spoof calling technique works like this.

Why is it important to know about Spoof Calling? 

Knowing spoof calling becomes very important because through spoof calling frauds and scams are done with common men to big actors, actresses and businessmen. Recently something similar happened with famous Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez. In which he got a call from Home Minister Amit Shah. Means the call was made using the name and mobile number of the Home Minister. Due to which this actress became a victim of this scam. Which was disclosed by the ED (Enforcement Directorate) agency of India. 

What are the ways to avoid Spoof Calling?

> First of all be alert from unknown calls coming on your mobile. 

> If you get a call from an unknown number on your mobile number, then you cut the call. After that call that number again, if that number does not get called, then you should understand that it can be a scammer.

> When a call comes from an unknown number and demands money from you, then you can complain about it to cyber security. 

How do we identify spoof calls?

If you also want to ask about mobile number spoofing, then below we have given you some methods by following which you can identify this fuking call and stay safe.

  1. The easiest way to stay safe from mobile number spoofing is to avoid taking calls from people you don’t know.
  2. Don’t pick up the phone from unknown numbers you don’t know or unsaved numbers.
  3. You can use a caller ID app like Truecaller to know the details of the caller.
  4. It is easy to identify such calls. If any time you see a caller claiming to be close to a famous face or a famous person, there is a high chance that it is a case of mobile number spoofing.
  5. If you find any caller suspicious, immediately block such numbers and disconnect their calls.
  6. And most importantly, public WiFi should be used as little as possible.

FAQs Related To Mobile Number Spoofing (Call Spoofing)

  1. What are VoIP based software?SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager, CloudTalk,  Dialpad, 3CX,  ZoiPer,  8*8,  Skype,  Ekiga,  Jitsi,  MicroSIP, TeamSpeak,  Twinkle, Viber
  2. Caller ID Spoofing or False?This is totally wrong and illegal.
  3. What is e-mail spoofing?Making any victim believe through e-mail that it is a mail of a famous person, this process is called email spoofing.
  4. How is mobile number spoofing done?The process of tampering with any college writing with the help of Voip IP based software is called mobile number spoofing.
  5. What is Spoofing Detector?The process of finding the source of any fraud or false information is called Spoofing Detector.
  6. How many types of spoofing are there?There are 4 types of spoofing I
    IP Spoofing 
    Caller ID Spoofing 
    E-Mail Spoofing 
    ARP Spoofing 
    Content Spoofing.


Now through this post, all the necessary information about mobile number spoofing or caller id spoofing must have reached you. If you also want to avoid this fraudster or fraud, then you can avoid caller id spoofing by adopting the method mentioned by us. You can also share this information with your friends or families.