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Malabar Lottery Result Today 13th September 2022

The Malabar Lottery is a state-sponsored lottery in Kerala, India. It was founded on 14 August 1956 with the objective of providing a significant source of income for the state’s development. The draw for the Malabar Lottery is held every Tuesday at 6:00 pm (IST). The winning numbers for the Malabar Lottery for the week … Read more

Kerala Lottery Result [current_date]

Kerala Lottery Result 04 August 2022

Kerala Lottery Result [current_date] The Kerala lottery result for [current_date] is out and the jackpot winner is a man from Ernakulam district. The lucky ticket holder has chosen to take a lump sum payment of Rs. 176,20,000 rather than receive a monthly installment. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Read Also –Satta Matta Results The Kerala … Read more

Kerala Lottery Result Today-Latest Update Daily Report 1st prize winner

Kerala Lottery Result Today

The first prize of Rs 60 lakh has been won by ticket number PT-290827. The second prize of Rs 5 lakh has been won by ticket numbers PM-797094, PS-947283 and PU-355469.The Kerala lottery is a weekly event that takes place every Monday. The lottery results are announced by the state government of Kerala and are … Read more