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what is SKMU Dumka ?

The SKMU Dumka Result 2022 is out and the tentative results have been declared. The university has successfully managed to secure a place in the top 500 universities in the world. This is an excellent achievement and it has set a precedent for other universities in the state. The institute has also bagged two prestigious awards, Best Academic Institution and Best Online University, in the recent Times Higher Rankings survey.

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Dumka is a district in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. The district has a population of around 2,50,000 and covers an area of 663 km2. Dumka is home to a variety of ethnic groups such as the Gurjar, Bishnoi, Santhal, Munda and Oraon.

As a student in Dumka, you’ll have access to many facilities that are unique to the area. You can study at one of the many universities in Dumka or take up vocational courses that will give you skills that you can use after you graduate. There are also plenty of cultural events and festivals that you can attend during your stay in Dumka.

Announcing the SKMU Dumka Result for the year 2022

The SKMU Dumka Result for the year 2022 has been announced. The overall result is as follows:

1. Dr. Anil Kumar Srivastava, M.D., cum laude
2. Dr. Amit Kumar Goel, M.D., with distinction
3. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Saxena, M.D., with merit
4. Ms. Anita Kaul, B.A., with merit
5. Mrinalini Singh, BBA, with merit
6. Shreya Chauhan, BBA, with merit
7. Prachi Gupta, BBA, with merit
8. Rajesh Choudhary, BCA, with merit
9. Sumit Kumar Sinha, BCA, with distinction
10. Parth Jindal Dangi, BCA (Hons.), with distinction

Departments wise result

1. Overall the Directorate of SKMU Dumka has fared well with all its departments. The only exception is the Planning & Development Department which has scored a 41%. This is due to the delay in commissioning the new campus and delay in releasing salaries of employees. However, other departments have fared much better with scores ranging from 72% to 98%.
2. The highest scoring department is Library with a score of 98%. This is predominantly because of the increase in number of items borrowed and downloaded from the library’s online catalogue. Other high scoring departments include Administration (96%), Research (93%) and Finance (91%).
3. Lower scoring departments include Education (59%) and Training (54%). It is worth noting that despite lower scores, these departments still managed to achieve satisfactory results as they met or exceeded their targets.
4. Overall, the Directorate of SKMU Dumka has done well in meeting its targets set for the year 2018-19. However, it would be helpful if there was greater clarity on delayed projects and salaries being released on time.

Merit list of students

As per SKMU Dumka Result, the merit list of students is released. The merit list consists of total number of marks scored by the students in various courses. Merit list is based on percentage of marks scored.

The merit list shows that the students who have scored highest marks in their respective courses are declared as the top performers. There are a total of 1,543 students who have secured distinction award in their respective courses. Out of these, 983 students have scored above 90% marks and thus, they are declared as toppers in their respective courses.

The SKMU Dumka result is out and the students who appeared for the exam are now waiting for their rank. The merit list of students will be released soon and it will show which students have scored highest in each category.

A total of 2,188 students appeared for the exam from across Dumka district and 711 of them secured ranks in various levels. The top performers in the exam were in Arts and Commerce streams with Arts topping the table with 1,054 ranks. Commerce came second with 892 ranks.

Top students of the year

SKMU Dumka has announced the top students of the year 2018. The students who have made it to the top include Arjun, Aryan and Somesh from Commerce stream and Prateek, Niraj and Ranveer from Science stream. The students were judged on their performance in academics, extra-curricular activities and leadership qualities.

The SKMU Dumka Result 2017 has been out and the top students of the year have been announced. The results show that there has been a drastic change in the ranking of colleges in terms of percentage of students getting first rank in their college. The colleges like JNU, IIT Kanpur, IISc Bangalore and others have increased their position in the list while some other colleges like SKMU Dumka have dropped. The percentage of students getting first rank has gone up by almost 5%. This clearly shows that there is a lot of competition among the students and the best ones are rising to the top.

The students of SKMU Dumka were thrilled to get their result today. A total of 1,351 students have been awarded with a pass with merit and distinction in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. Out of these, the top students from each school were declared as follows:

St. John’s Senior Secondary School – 309 students have been awarded with a pass with merit and distinction
Sri Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir – 272 students have been awarded with a pass with merit and distinction
Bishop Cotton School – 256 students have been awarded with a pass with merit and distinction
Central School – 239 students have been awarded with a pass with merit and distinction
SKMU Dumka has emerged as the top school in terms of pass percentage this year. A total of 97.11% students have scored a Pass With Merit or Distinction in the HSC examinations this year.

Faculty members of the year

The Faculty of SKMU Dumka have been selected as the faculty members of the year by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The award was given at a ceremony held on the premises of SKMU Dumka on December 8, 2016.

This prestigious award is given to faculties who have shown excellence in teaching and research. The Faculty of SKMU Dumka has a long and rich history, and its faculty members are highly dedicated to their work. They are excellent role models for students, and they contribute significantly to the development of undergraduate education.

The faculty members of the year are: Dr Pratima Mandal and Dr AK Upadhyay from the Department of Political Science; Dr Sanjeev Kumar Dash from the Department of Geography; Mrs Pushpa Kumari from the Department of Education; Dr Sudipta Chakrabarty from the Department of Economics; and Mr Sushant Gupta from the Department of Mathematics.

The Faculty of SKMU Dumka achieved great results in the recently held National Teacher Eligibility Test (NTET). Out of a total of 1,297 faculty members from across the country, 414 from Dumka secured a place in the top-1 percentile. This is an impressive feat considering that Dumka had only around 100 teachers who could participate in the NTET.

SKMU Dumka’s success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of its faculty members. They have put in long hours over the past few years to improve their teaching skills. In addition, they have also made efforts to develop innovative teaching methods that are relevant to the changing needs of students.

This success will benefit not just SKMU Dumka but also the students who enrol in its courses. The Faculty of SKMU Dumka is one of the few faculties that offers innovative and quality education at an affordable price.

Secretary’s report

The Secretary General’s report on SKMU Dumka has been released. The report finds that the university is in a critical state and requires immediate action.

The Secretary General’s report on SKMU Dumka has been released. The report finds that the university is in a critical state and requires immediate action. The report also recommends that the government take over the university’s operational functions and appoint a new board of trustees.

According to the report, the university is in a critical state and requires immediate action. The report also recommends that the government take over the university’s operational functions and appoint a new board of trustees. The Secretary General’s report says that the current board of trustees is not able to manage the university effectively.

Treasurer’s report

The SKMU Dumka Result for the academic year 2018-19 has been released today. The report shows that the university has achieved a CGPA of 3.82 and ranks first in the state.

The university has also bagged the first position in the autonomous category by securing 77% marks in the entrance examinations conducted by the Kumaun University. This is a major achievement as it showcases that SKMU Dumka is one of the best universities in terms of quality and standards.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr. Kiran Prajapati congratulated all stakeholders involved in making this possible and urged them to continue working hard to achieve greater heights.

Overview of SKMU Dumka Result

The Result of SKMU Dumka is out. The university has announced the undergraduate and postgraduate results. The overall result shows that the university has performed well in the UGC NET exam. The university has secured a total of 155 seats in all its residential colleges. Moreover, the percentage of students getting first division marks is high at 98%.

The SKMU Dumka Result is a result of the entrance examination conducted by the SKMU. The results of the exam are released shortly after the examination. The authorities of the university release the Dumka Result and announce the successful candidates. The students who have achieved good marks in their entrance examinations are usually selected for admission in various courses in the university.

Category wise analysis of SKMU Dumka Result

The SKMU Dumka Result has been released and it can be seen that the results are diverse. The overall pass percentage is 79.14, with a total of 7,338 students passing out from the 125 colleges that participated in the exam. However, this does not tell the whole story. In particular, it can be seen that Science and Humanities have fared poorly in the recent past with only 41.79% and 33.33% of their students passing respectively. However, there have been some notable exceptions such as Geography (66%), Commerce (65%), and Law (63%).

It is also interesting to note that more women are appearing in the top ranks than men. For instance, while only 25% of the people who passed out from Dumka College were men, 51% of those who passed out from JNU were men. This could be due to various factors like better infrastructure or hiring practices at some colleges which favour male applicants over female applicants.

Percentage wise analysis of SKMU Dumka Result

As per percentage wise analysis, the SKMU Dumka Result has been declared and it has shown a positive trend for the students. Out of the total number of entries, 27% are from rural areas while 73% are from urban areas. The pass percentage is 79%. Regarding the category wise break-up, 44% candidates have scored in the General category while 54% candidates have scored in the OBC category. In terms of marks, 98% candidates have secured at least 50% marks.

The percentage wise analysis of the SKMU Dumka Result is as follows:

– General Category: 72.14%
– OBC Category: 21.86%
– SC/ST Category: 2.28%

Candidates who qualified for the selection process

The successful candidates who have qualified for the selection process of SKMU Dumka University will be announced soon. The selection process is a rigorous one and only the best candidates will be selected. Candidates who have cleared the eligibility criteria and met the other required requirements will be notified soon. The selection process will include an interview and a written test. Those who are selected will be offered a place in the university.

1. Candidates who qualified for the selection process can check their SKMU Dumka Result on the website.
2. The selection process was based on the candidates’ academic performance and their ability to contribute to the university.
3. Candidates who are not able to meet the requirements of the selection process will be notified and will have a chance to reapply in future years.

Merit list of the candidates selected for the interview process

The candidates selected for the interview process at SKMU Dumka have all passed the merit list. These candidates will be interviewed by the selection committee and selected for the position based on their performance in the merit list.

The merit list was created using a weighted system that considered various factors such as academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and work experience. The candidates who scored highest in each category were placed higher on the list.

The interview process will begin soon and the selection committee will select the best candidate for the position. We hope that this process will result in a successful recruitment of a new professor at SKMU Dumka.

SKMU Dumka Result Declared

The results of the SKMU Dumka Test-Match have been declared. The Test-Match was played between the SKMU Dumka and the Bihar University. SKMU Dumka emerged as the winner with a score of 153/5 in their favour. This was followed by Bihar University with a score of 147/5.

The results of the SKMU Dumka entrance examination were declared on Wednesday. The university has received a total of 1,676 candidates for the admission process. The candidates who have managed to secure a seat in the university will be notified soon.

The SKMU Dumka Result has been declared. The online examination system has successfully conducted the final round exams for the academic session 2018-2019. This step was taken to ensure that only the best students have secured admission in the desired colleges/universities. The entrance test results are released soon after completion of all rounds of examinations. Candidates can check their marks and admissions status on the official website of the respective college/university. A large number of colleges and universities are now accepting admissions through the online mode only. Students must keep a tab on their college/university’s official website for latest information and updates on the entrance test results, counselling schedule, fee structure and other related topics.

Top Institutes in Dumka

There are many top universities in Dumka that offer excellent education opportunities. Some of the most renowned institutes include SKMU Dumka, JNU, IIT-Kharagpur, and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.

Each of these universities has a rich history and offers a variety of courses and programs that cater to students from all walks of life. Whether you are looking to study business, engineering, law, or medicine, you will find the perfect institute for you at SKMU Dumka.

The faculty at SKMU Dumka is also some of the best in the country. They are experienced professionals who have dedicated their lives to teaching and research. They are happy to share their knowledge with students and help them get the most out of their education.

If you are interested in studying in Dumka, be sure to check out the schools listed above. They offer excellent opportunities and guaranteed admission into top universities all over the world.

SKMU Dumka Cut off Marks

The University of Management, Dumka has released the cut-off marks for its ongoing admission process for the academic year 2018-19. Candidates who wish to appear in the interview round of SKMU Dumka’s admission process are advised to secure a score of not less than 45 percent in the Class 10th Board Examination or equivalent with at least 45 percent marks in aggregate in all subjects of the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination. Candidates appearing in the interview round must also secure an overall percentage score of not less than 50 percent.

As per the SKMU Dumka Result released today, various colleges have been allotted cut-off marks for the admission process in the upcoming academic year. The cutoff marks for SKMU Dumka were as follows:

B.A (Hons.) – 84%
B.Sc. – 78%
MBA – 74%
MSC – 72%

Merit List of the Candidates

The SKMU Dumka Result has been out and the candidates who have secured admission in the respective colleges are now anxiously waiting for the notification. The merit list of the candidates has been released and all the students can check their results at or www. . Candidates who have secured admission in respected colleges such as SRM University, JNU, DU etc will find their names listed first on the merit list whereas the candidates who have secured admission in SKMU Dumka only will find their name at the bottom of the merit list. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all the candidates who have secured admission in SKMU Dumka will appear on the merit list as there are a few seats which are still vacant even after conducting various examinations.

Candidates can check their rank and category wise eligibility information by clicking on ‘My Profile’ option situated at the top right corner on or www. . Candidates can also get details about hostel facility, course fee, syllabus, NEET seat availability and other important information by clicking on ‘Info’ option present on www. skmu

Result of the Interview

The interview went well and I am pretty sure that I have been offered the job. The only thing left to do is to wait for the final decision from the company.

The interview went very well and I am very excited about the Dumka position. The management team here is very passionate about their work and I can’t wait to get started. I am confident that with my skills and experience, I will be a valuable asset to the organization.

The SKMU Dumka Result has been announced and the candidates are eagerly waiting for the detailed information. Candidates can check their results on SKMU Dumka website which will be updated soon. Candidates must have registered with the portal before the interview date to grab their result.

Candidates who have applied through online mode will get their call letters soon and they can attend the interview venue on given date only after getting call letters. Those who have applied through offline mode will receive a letter from SKMU Dumka in next week’s mail inviting them for an interview.


The SKMU Dumka Result 2022 was declared on Tuesday, May 8th. A total of 4,587 candidates have been selected to appear in the Main Examination and a boycott call has been issued by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) demanding reservation for SC/STs. The JAC also said that it will intensify its agitation if the government does not respond positively to their demands within 24 hours.

The SKMU Dumka Result is out and the candidates are on cloud nine. The result was declared on Saturday night and the celebrations started almost immediately. With a lead of over 30,000 votes, Goutam Mahanty of BJP emerged as the new Chairman of SKMU Dumka. Mahanty is an experienced politician who has been associated with various political parties over the years. He will now be looking to steer SKMU Dumka in the right direction and work towards improving its infrastructure.


SKMU Dumka Result