Hariom Lottery Result 2022 – Know today’s [current_date] Hariom lottery result and 1st prize winner


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Hariom Lottery Result  [current_date]: Hello friends, you are very much welcome in our article. Today we will talk about Hari Om lottery friends like you all know. Satta Matka , Satta King, many games have come in the market. One such game is  Hariom Lottery , it is also a favorite game of the parents. And attracts the people of India towards him..

Do you want to know about Hariom Lottery Result Number? Many people like you who check their luck in Hariom Lottery would definitely like to know about today’s Hariom Lottery Result 2022. Apart from that many people also want to see the time table chart of this lottery to check their luck by investing some money in Hariom Lottery. You probably know that nowadays Hari Om lottery has become a very popular and exciting lottery game where every lottery player definitely tries his luck once or the other.

How To Check Hariom Lottery Result – How To Check Hariom Lottery Result 09-11-22

Hariom Lottery Number : Friends, let us tell you that the first result of Hariom lottery comes out at [current_date] 10:15 in the morning. Then friends, the result keeps coming out every half an hour. After that finally the final and final result of 55 comes out in Shamli.

What are Hariom lottery results

Hariom Lottery Result is such a Hariom Matka game result that many people become millionaires by trying their love every day of the game and the result of this lottery game comes every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hari Om Lottery comes inside the Satta Matka lottery, whose result comes in 15 rounds every day. This means that Hariom lottery is played every day in 15 different love and if you put any one of these 15 love on lottery number then you will become husband on that day itself.

Hariom Lottery Result

We cannot call this Hari Om lottery game good because if any person takes this game once or twice, then he will definitely get the benefit of this Hari Om battery. That’s why we would never advise any person to play this HariOm Lottery. But still, for the person who wants to try his lakh once or twice in this Hariom Lottery, then we have brought today’s Hariom Lottery Live Chart in this article.

In this Hariom Lottery Result Live Chart, how far will you give all the Hariom Lottery results of today in detail in this article. So if you are a Hariom Lottery sick and have been Hariom Lottery 2022 today then you can see your lac result by looking at our Hariom Live Key Chart.

Hariom Lottery Result Rose Round | Hariom Lottery Result Daily Round

As you know Hari Om lottery results come out everyday, through which many people earn lakhs of rupees. But do you know that Hariom Lottery Result comes out every day in 15 rounds.

Out of these 15 rounds, Hariom lottery starts at 10:05 am and ends at 5:05 am. During this, different lottery numbers are selected in every 15 rounds, so you can become one lakh husband of today’s Hariom lottery result by putting your desired Hariom lottery numbers on Ravana in any of these 15 rounds.

[current_date]10:35 AM17
[current_date]11:05 AM42
[current_date]11:35 AM93
[current_date]12:05 PM14
[current_date]12:35 PM02
[current_date]01:05 PM28
[current_date]01:35 PM96
[current_date]02:05 PM84
[current_date]02:35 PM16
[current_date]03:05 PM51
[current_date]03:35 PM13
[current_date]04:05 PMR 13
[current_date]04:35 PM10
[current_date]05:05 PM29
[current_date]05:35 PM

Friends, let us tell you that you will understand Hariom lottery at once if you have played Satta Matka or Kalyan Matka. In this you have to play pairing because this game is also like Satta Matka Kalyan Matka. You will be the winner only after the pair’s number is correct. You will get more money than the money you have invested in Hari Om lottery. 

Hariom Lottery Result

Some important information about Hariom Lottery – [current_date]

Friends, in earlier times, lottery games were not online. But in today’s time you will find online lottery games with many names in India. Whether it is Satta Matka or Hariom Lottery , a citizen of India can play through online sitting at home. This is a big advantage for those who play online.

Hariom Lottery Result

Friends, nowadays every citizen is looking for many ways to get rich, out of them this way comes out. This game helps you a lot to get rich very quickly. This lottery to make crorepati from poor to rich by road gives equal chance to every citizen. A citizen of India can become a millionaire millionaire sitting at home by trying his luck by playing Hariom Lottery online game. Let us tell you that the game of notary was also stopped by the Government of India. Due to being online and due to such a large population of India, the selection of betting has gone on very fast. 

Is Hariom Lottery Legal? [current_date]

First of all let us tell you that Hari Om lottery is not illegal at all. The citizens of India are enjoying the lottery game running in the market for the last 30 years and its illegal announcement was also made for a few days. But still the Government of India could not ban this game due to being online, you can play it as per your wish and at your own risk. 

Information about Hariom Lottery

It is one of the most important lotteries in India. Through this lottery, you will be able to get a chance to win money easily. As we already know that we are all living in the pandemic situation of COVID-19 so in this time everyone needs financial support and passive income. 

So that we provide you such information to earn maximum money sitting at home. You   don’t need to visit any shop by Hariom Lottery Ticket Online. You will easily get the ticket or coupon on the official website of this lottery.

This lottery game started many years ago after 30 years. But, in the past it is difficult to play this lottery game. So, that many companies come forward and start this game easily through online method to provide easy access among common people. 

Hariom Lottery Result

This game is very interesting and you   will be able to earn thousands and lakhs of rupees from this Hariom Lottery 2022 .

If we turn our head towards the present time we will know that around 500 Matka games are played regularly in India. But among all other matka games,  Hariom lottery is  very famous and interesting. The prize money of this lottery is huge and huge.

We all know that unemployment of India is increasing regularly and that’s because youth are looking for some income opportunities which can help them to lead a better life. In this perspective,  Hari Om lottery  will really help them to earn good amount.

Hariom Lottery Result [current_date] Live | Hariom Lottery Result Chart | Hari Om Lottery – [Video]

Hariom Lottery Benefits (Hariom Lottery Benefits) – Hariom Lottery Benefits (Hariom Lottery Benefits)

As we already said that there are around 500 Matka lottery games all over India. Hariom lottery  is very great and important among all 500 matka lotteries  . So if you want to earn some money easily then join this lottery.

We know that unemployment in India is increasing rapidly and that is why most of the youth are suffering from economic instability. So that, this type of lottery is really helpful for the youths who really need good income regularly.

If we  look at the advantages and disadvantages of Hari Om lottery  then we will know that it has many advantages and benefits. But the main advantages and disadvantages of this Matka lottery in India are:

  • At present, about 20,000 people play this matka game every day all over India, due to which the money spent is about lakhs. So if you win by buying lottery numbers then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees in a minute. It is a matter of luck, if your luck shines then you will surely win the lottery easily.
  • Since the present world is connected with internet and digital technology. So that all the interested people can play this matka game every day through online mode as well as matka market, which makes this lottery matka game very interesting and easily accessible. Now you can play this lottery game as per your wish and desire.
  • In most of the 500 games of matka played across India, people have always been a victim of fraud, but  Hariom Lottery Matka lottery  is very reliable, and most of the people said that they have not been cheated by this lottery game at the present time. .
  • May rich merchant is associated with this lottery game, which can increase the authenticity of this lottery game. It shows that this game is free from fraud and easy to play and handle. Now everyone will be able to play this game easily sitting at home.
hariom lottery results

Some Features of Hariom Lottery

  • You can bear the pain of skin even at home while sitting on your mobile computer.
  • With anyone you can start this game but you learn it completely then get into this game.
  • From 9:15 to 5:30 you can tell the truth of this game everyday.
  • It is very important for the society of India because it can improve the economic condition of the people to a great extent.

Some Inconveniences Of Hariom Lottery

  • There are many games going on in the Indian market like Hariom Lottery.
  • You can also make losses in these games. That’s why you play all these games only after learning.
  • You can also get addicted to these games. Many big people are ruined due to addiction. So you should play this game at your own risk.


Today we have provided you all the information related to Hariom Lottery . Hope you liked this article of ours. It’s up to you if you want to play in this game then you can play or not. But you will need to learn the knowledge to play Hariom Lottery game . Thank you so much for reading our article till the end. If you have any query then you can ask in the comment box.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Who operates Hariom Lottery?

Ans: Hariom lottery is conducted by the Rajasthan state government.

Q: How can I buy Hariom lottery tickets online?

Ans: Sorry you cannot buy Hariom lottery online.


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