How to Win 1st Prize in Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number [current_date]


Black Satta King

Hello friends, welcome to our Blog Articles , friends ,  today we will give you important information about Satta King 786 Lucky Number want information about

So you have to read this article completely, we will provide you complete information about Satta King 786 Lucky Number through this article, let’s know what is Satta King 786 Lucky Number.

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Black Satta King 786 What is it?

Friends, as you know Satta King 786 / “Black Satta King 786” is played on a large level in India, this game is a type of win and lose game.

But if you play this game just for fun then it is better for you we are giving you information about Satta King 786 / Black Satta King 786 and Black Satta King 786 / Black Satta King 786 today.

This type of game has been declared invalid by the Government of India, it is an illegal game, that’s why you should keep distance from all these games, today we will provide you all the necessary information related to how you can get a good profit by winning this game. You can stay in our article till the end to get all the necessary information.

Black Satta King 555

In the greed of earning big money every day in India, people invest money in these types of games, some people win in this and some lose in this, friends, you cannot win these games until you know all the necessary information related to it To get all the necessary information related to Black Satta King 555 , stay with us in this article, today we will tell you how you can win  Black Satta King 555 .

Friends, as you would know, Satta King / Satta Matka is played on a large scale in India and the number of people playing this game is very high.

Because every person is fond of getting rich quickly and every person has a dream that he too has given a rich life but Satta King 786 / Satta King 786 Game No one becomes rich, it is just an illusion.

Because as you know Satta King 786 / Satta King 786 Game Winning is a game of defeat and victory, in this you can also lose and win.

It fills your luck, what is written in your luck, let us tell you Satta King 786, what is Satta King 786 and why it is played and how to get Satta King 786 Lucky Number

Friends Satta King 786 / Satta King 786 Agra is a type of game, in this game you are given a count from 01 to 99, out of which you have to select a Lucky Number .

Black Satta King 555 Playing Time

Just as a time is fixed for playing Kalyan Satta, Milan, Rajdhani Satta etc. Similarly , time has also been declared for playing Black Satta King 555. We have told you all this through a table below, you can see it. . 

Live Result

Khel’s nameTime
You can11:05 p.m
Disawar5.15 AM
Faridabad06:15 pm
Ghaziabad9:20 p.m

Black Satta King 555 Lottery Result [current_date]

DateBlack Satta King Result

Suppose you have been given a number from 1 to 99, out of which you have to choose one number, then that number can be any of yours.

If that count / number comes out in your Lucky Draw , then you are paid 10 times money i.e. if you have invested ₹ 10 on any number, then in that case if you get Satta Lucky Number then you will get ₹ 1000. That is, ₹ 10 on ₹ 1000 are given to you in this game but it is not always the case that you are the winner .

More people like you participate in this game and it is not necessary that you are the winner every day, it depends on your luck, if your Satta Lucky Number comes out, then in that case you are paid 10 times.

In this game, you have to choose a lucky number from 1 to 99 on which you have to invest, let us now know how to find out Satta King 786 Lucky Number or  Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number .

What is Black Satta Matka & How To Play Online

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What is the reality of Black Satta King game? – Reality of Black Satta King

Black Satta King is a type of lottery game. In which 100 people participate of their own free will. Out of which one person between 1 and 100 numbers is selected as the winner and for this all 100 numbers are placed in a pot. Then a slip of any number is drawn. The person who has the number on the slip is the winner. 

Black Satta King

Most of the people have a misconception that if they play Black Satta King game then they will win this game and get a good amount of profit but they are absolutely wrong to think that this game lures you to win a huge amount of money. But it is not necessary. 

Black Satta King

Some people get so engrossed in this game that they play these games by risking their home, family and everything. We would suggest you to stay away from these types of games as much as possible. Stay away from Government of India does not provide you permission to play these games, then they will win and earn well.

How to Play Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number

Friends, if you are thinking of playing Satta King 786 Game / Satta King 786 Game and want to know how you can find out Satta King 786 Lucky Number / Satta King 786 Lucky Number Kaise Nikale? So today we are going to give you complete information about Satta King 786 Lucky Number / Aaj Ka Satta King 786 Lucky Number Kya Hai through this article.

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That’s why you have to read this article carefully only then you will be able to know how to find out Satta King 786 Lucky Number / Satta Matka Lucky Number Kaise nikale or if you how to get Black Satta King 786 number / About Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number I want to know

So you have to stay in this article, we are going to give you the complete method to extract Satta King Lucky Number / Satta King 786 Lucky Number through Nikalne Ki Vidhi article, let’s know how to find Satta King Lucky Number. 

Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number Nikale Ki Vidhi

Friends , by the way, there are many ways to find out Satta King 786 Lucky Number / Satta King 786 Lucky Number , today we are going to give you information about the method of extracting Satta King 786 Lucky Number, let’s know who are the methods to find Satta King 786 Lucky Number. C is the method, let’s understand in detail

1. Satta King Chart 

Friends, if you are looking for lucky numbers about Black Satta King / Black Satta King , Satta King 786 / Satta King 786 then you must use a method

Friends, this method depends on the Satta chart , which will be your lucky number, you have to keep an eye on the Satta chart according to this method.

And you have to look at the Satta Chart of all the years, because of this, you have to focus on which number has come the most every day on Satta King 786, with the help of Satta King 786 chart, you can find out the Satta King Lucky Number.

2. Today Lucky Number List 

To find out Satta King 786 Lucky Number you need to have better experience if you invest in Satta King 786 on a daily basis

So you have to know regularly which number comes out the most so you have to prepare a list of such numbers and select the numbers accordingly

3. Select the Probability to find out the Satta King 786 Lucky Number

Friends as you have seen Satta King 786 is one type of experience and guessing game if you do Satta King Lucky Number Guessing Trick in it

Then you get lucky numbers here, if the calculation of lucky number is wrong in your anger , then you may have to face defeat here.

So you should choose such numbers in which your chances of winning are 80% so you should use the probability and you will need a better charts for guessing 786 lucky number satta king so you have to keep an eye on all the charts

Satta King Today Lucky Number

Friends, if you want to know Satta King 786 Today’s Lucky Number / Satta King Aaj Ka Lucky Number  , then you will find many websites on the Internet, with the help of which you can know Satta King 786 Today’s Lucky Number / Satta King 786 Aaj Ka Lucky Number .

If you have invested in Satta King 786 and you do not know what is the Lucky Number of today If so, below you have been given some list in the category, you can see

Who was Ratan Khatri?

Ratan Khatri, who came from a Sindhi family, came to Mumbai from Pakistan after the partition in 1947 . In the 60s, he got into the business of gambling matcha. For a few days, he kept learning the tricks of this illegal business and then worked with Kalyan Bhagat in the matka gambling business. Ratan Khatri was the person who spread illegal business like Matka gambling in many places of the country including Mumbai.

This business, which came under the category of crime, was known to almost the public of Mumbai till 1962. The police also used to conduct raids to curb this business, but this illegal business continued to flourish. Originally Gujarati Kalyan Bhagat ji was the first Matka King of Mumbai. At the same time, Ratan used to work as Khatri Bhagat’s manager. After a few years, due to some rift,  both of them seperated and Ratan Khatri started the work of gambling on his own.

How to Win 1st Prize in Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number [current_date]
How to Win 1st Prize in Black Satta King 786 Lucky Number [current_date]

Mayanagari Mumbai has its own distinct style. The glamor of Bollywood on one hand and on the other hand this city has also been a witness to black adventures. Dance bar, underworld, matka are all recognized in a way, here we will talk about the person who was known as matka king. But at the age of 88, he has now said goodbye to this world. Here we are talking about Matka King Ratan Khatri. After the partition of the country in 1947, Ratan Khatri, who belonged to the Sindhi family, came to Bombay. He started a career identity for himself and the profession he liked was matka gambling. 

Matka gambling was in vogue in Mumbai. But Ratan Khatri played a role in its promotion and dissemination at the national level. Gambling through matka started in Mumbai in 1962 and quickly became popular in other cities of India as well. Although it was in the category of crime. Action was also taken by the police. But this illegal business continued to flourish.  

Interestingly, at that time there was speculation about the opening and closing of cotton prices on the New York Cotton Exchange. For this, this yoke was played by putting slips in the pot. When Ratan Khatri was new, he started this business under the patronage of Kalyan Bhagat. But after the rift, he continued his journey in the name of Ratan Matka. 

Experts say that betting started from Matka itself. Its craze was also tremendous among the people and the turnover was about one crore every single day. The game of betting is being played in Mumbai since the British era. When the strictness of the police increased, this business was put under control for some time. But somewhere due to the nexus of power, police and administration, this business could not be completely stopped. 


We have given you all the information related to Black Satta King 555 game easily through this article, we hope that this information given by us has proved helpful for you, we want to make it clear to you that our website We do not promote any such type of game, nor do we have any relation with this type of game, this type of game has been banned by the Government of India.

If you are interested in playing Black Satta King 555 , then you can play this game at your own risk. The purpose of this article is to give you correct and accurate information about it.

If you have any confusion related to this article, then you can ask us in the comment box below, we will definitely answer your questions. Thank you very much for staying with this article till the end. For you stay connected with our website.

Disclaimer :-  

Friends, we have given you information related to Satta King 786, as friends, you know that playing Satta King 786 is illegal in India and if you are caught playing this game, then you will be sentenced to 3 years and for this. There may also be a fine, so we do not recommend any person to play betting nor do we support this game, this is only information, hope you liked the information given by us.