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Do you know what is the full form of UHID? If not, then definitely read this article completely, because here we are going to tell complete information about UHID.

UHID is a short word, which is often used in universities, medical colleges, and hospitals.


But do you know what is its full name, otherwise let’s know.

After the Corona epidemic created so much panic, it is believed that every country will improve its health system. We are also seeing its efforts here. Now under the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), every citizen of the country will be given a Digital Health ID like Aadhaar. This will be a kind of record, which will keep all the health status of the cardholder.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about a card in August 2020 itself. At that time Corona had reached its peak in the country. Now NDHM has started it under the pilot project, which is running in 6 states of the country. But will this card become a number in the purse like other cards or will it really keep track of health. If so, will it leak our confidential health information to someone else? Many such questions are coming in everyone’s mind as soon as they hear about the card.

Let us understand about this one by one. First of all, let us understand what is NDHM. As we have mentioned earlier also. The NDHM started last year with the announcement on the ramparts of the Red Fort. By the way, NITI Aayog had talked about this in the year 2018 itself, under which the health data of all the people of the country could be prepared. Let us know here that such data is kept in almost all the developed countries so that there is no panic in emergency situations.

NDHM will prepare a health card for everyone. A unique ID will be created for this. As it is clear from the name that it will be completely different. Everyone’s complete medical record will be there with ID, what problems he has had. Has he been taking treatment for anything for a long time and does he have any medical history. The advantage of this will be that on going to a hospital in emergency, as soon as the ID is entered, all the information about his health will come and the process of treatment will be easy.

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All the information in this ID will be related to health only. No special document will be required for this, but only Aadhaar card and mobile number will be taken. ID will be created by adding these only. First, the health ID will be prepared, but since there is a lot of doubt among the people regarding this, the information related to health will be put only with the permission of the person.

Now the question arises whether the health ID can be made for the immediately born baby or even the children. So the answer is- yes. For this, the birth certificate of the newborn will be required. Along with this, Aadhaar card and guardian’s mobile number will be required for children of second age.

At present, emphasis is being laid on digital works and it got more attention due to Corona infection. Therefore, there will be no need to visit any office for Health ID, rather the entire work will be done online. There will be no separate paperwork for ID when you go to the hospital in times of need, but only the ID will have to be mentioned and all the information related to your health will be revealed.

Any hospital, PHC or any healthcare provider that is linked to the National Health Infrastructure Registry can create a health ID for a person. Even people can create their own ID by going online. For this we have to go to https://healthid.ndhm.gov.in/ register and then the whole process will be done there. If there is any problem in the registration itself, then by going to ndhm@nha.gov.in, you can get answers to your questions there.

The Center has assured that keeping the safety in mind, the digital health records will be kept completely confidential. Along with this, not only will the patient get better health facilities, but due to good health, productivity will increase and this will directly affect the country’s GDP. According to an estimate, it will add $250 billion to GDP within 10 years.

UHID Full Form

UHID full form is Unique Hospital Identification , which is called as the identity of the specific hospital 

Although in many places it is called as Universal Healthcare Identifier, it is a type of identification, which can be from name, number or logo etc.

Other Full Forms of UHID:

Full Name:Category:
University Hospital for Infectious DiseasesMedical
Universal Human Interface DeviceMiscellaneous
USB Human Interface DeviceComputing
Universal Health Services Inc.Business


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