What is WordPress? Top 5 Tricks for website


If you are asking yourself what is WordPress and how does it work, I bet you are thinking about starting a blog or a website and you heard this word but you are totally lost in all this online terminology.

This video will give you a simple explanation of what is WordPress and by the end of the video you can even learn how to use WordPress to create a simple beginner-level website. You probably figured out by now that WordPress is used for building websites or blogs. It’s a web publishing software that powers about 35% of the entire Internet Universe.

WordPress is also called a CMS – Content Management System – because it actually allows you to manage content without learning how to code your website. You can simply add texts, images and videos to an editor that looks very similar to Microsoft Word. Hi! I’m Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com, and on this channel, I share my experience building an online business, blogging and driving traffic from Pinterest.

There are two types of WordPress:-

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

If that’s what you want to learn about, Subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified when my new videos go live. You might have heard that WordPress is an Open Source software. What does that even mean? It means that Wodpress is free to use and is developed by hundreds of volunteers around the world. The next question a lot of people ask is what is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com and whether or not WordPress is really free.

This confusion comes from the fact they are both called WordPress so let me explain first what is WordPress.com and why you shouldn’t use it. WordPress.com is a blog hosting service provider and although you can start a blog on WordPress.com for free, it will have lots of limitations.

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WordPress Guide for Beginners

1. You cannot install plugins on your WordPress.com site. The ease of using plugins to add features and customize your site is the best thing about Wordress software and on WordPress.com you can’t use plugins. Just this limitation alone is enough reason for most of the people to switch to a self-hosted site.

2. Also, you cannot use custom themes on WordPress.com.

3. The third thing you need to remember is if you are starting a blog to make money with it forget about WordPress.com because your monetization will be only limited to the ads that WordPress.com wants you to run on your site. It’s not just about Google Adsense which you can’t use on WordPress.com, the Terms of Service even forbids You writing sponsored posts, making product reviews and any other commercial activity on a free website.

4. Your site will not have a pretty domain you’d like to have, it will be something like yourwebsite.wordpress.com.

5. Last but not least, with all these limitations, WordPress.com is ruthlessly enforcing their ToS and even for a minor violation your site can get suspended on their platform. So if you are not just playing around, if you are serious about making a website that actually is here to stay and if you want to make you money with it, you will need to use the actual WordPress software on WordPress.ORG, have a self-hosted site on a paid hosting provider and have your own domain name.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, I actually have a free online course for you – in just about a week you will learn not only how to build a WordPress site, but also what are the main plugins you need to install, what are the best WordPress themes, and how you can start making money with your site.


I’ll give you a link to this free course in the top right corner and in the description below this video! I already mentioned that when you start a website using WordPress.ORG, you can have your own domain name. But choosing a domain name is often very challenging, a lot of beginners spend way to much time on this step. So I made a video on my channel that will help you come up with a great domain name and avoid typical mistakes with domains that most of the beginners make. I’ll give you a link to that video in the top right corner and in the description below this video.

WordPress: How does it Work?

Now that you know you shouldn’t use WordPress.com, let me show you how you actually can start a website on WordPress! The easiest way to install WordPress and start a website at the same time is to do it on the hosting provider’s side.

When I started my site, I read a lot of reviews for hosting providers and I found the most beginner-friendly and affordable is Bluehost so that’s how I started my blog anastasiablogger.com. You can do the same and it actually takes about 10 minutes only. Bluehost has an exclusive discount for my audience, so if you want to take advantage of this offer, check my affiliate link in the description below this video and start a WordPress site for as low as $2.95/mo. Once you click on that link, you will see this page with my photo and then you can start even with the most basic plan – it’s more than enough for a new website.

Moreover, Bluehost will give you an option to get a domain name for free for the first year. You can also click on this link below to skip choosing domain right away if you didn’t come up with the best domain idea yet. You can add it later for free in your Bluehost cabinet. On the next step you can skip most of the extras because you can always add them later in your online cabinet, and honestly I don’t think you’ll need at all. I will not show you the entire process in this video because I have another detailed tutorial that walks you through every step and shows you how to install WordPress and actually start a blog,

I will just give you a link to that video in the top right corner and in the description below this video. By that end of that tutorial you will have access to WordPress interface and will know how to navigate among the main features and tools of a WordPress site. Once you finish watching that tutorial, your site will be ready to launch and here is the button you’ll need to use to see your site finally go live! You grab your margarita or whatever you like to celebrate, click this button and watch your website getting out to the wild! When you do it, come back in the comments for my tutorials and let us know that you’ve conquered WordPress and set up your site – let’s celebrate it together!

WordPress: Is it Easy to Use and Learn? Now if you ask me whether or not it’s easy to learn WordPress because you may have heard from people who struggled setting up their site and got distracted by promises of an easy solution from some other platforms like Wix or Squarespace. I can tell you in my experience, most of the people who ever started a website on another platform, eventually, with the growth of the site, were forced to switch to WordPress anyway because of the limitations of those other platforms.

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1. WordPress website

WordPress website normal is like all websites. But the way of making it is different. As you know, website is an online source of business to represent. Contains information and photos. With WordPress, you can easily create any kind of website in less time. Such as – online shopping website, IT technology website, hospital, local business, etc.

2. WordPress Blog

You must have known about the blog. Blog is also a website but blog depends on content (text, images, documents, videos). We can write any amount of content in a blog on any number of topics. Most of the WordPress blog is being used for blogging, Millions blog website is running on WordPress itself. Blogging in WordPress is very easy, even if you do not have any knowledge of the website, you can easily create your own blog on WordPress.

Themes and plugins are needed to create a blog and website on WordPress. Let’s understand about WordPress themes and plugins.

What is Theme in WordPress?

WordPress themes represent the interface of your website.

Understand in simple Hindi language, when you open any website, first of all the interface of the website is open in front of you, in which you see text, images, animation etc., this is what we call theme. Theme website has a view of how the content is appearing in your website. Just like you apply themes in your mobile and the view of your mobile gets changed, you can apply different themes in your mobile, similarly in wordpress too, you can use different themes to change the interface of the website. can use.


If you have already learned HTML language, HTML is a language by which the structure of the website is created. In simple Hindi language, when you open a website, whatever you see on the browser is made from HTML. If you have seen or used HTML theme, then you will not face any problem in understanding WordPress theme. Themes built on HTML are static, static means that to change the content, you should know the code, you can change the content from the code itself, but WordPress themes are dynamic in which you have to change any code. There is no need, you can easily change the content in this. To create any kind of website, you get pre-made themes, just by installing the theme, you can easily change the content and create a website.

What is Plugin?

Plugin is a type of inbuilt application that helps you to perform various tasks. You only have to download and install the WordPress plugin, then you can manage the plugin according to your need. In simple Hindi language, plugins are small parts of WordPress web application like – If you want to sell something online on your website, then you can easily sell it using woocommerce plugin or different plugin, similarly if you have email. If you want to send notifications of new posts to all users, then you have to install a separate mail plugin. In this way, you get plugins for small tasks and you can easily use them by setting.

What type of website can be developed with WordPress?

  1. WordPress is used to develop different types of websites. For example – 1. If you want to create a website for hotel booking, then you can create it through wordpress. Themes and plugins are easily available for hotel booking.

    2. You get LMS plugin to create LMS (Learning management system) website. If you say learning management system in Hindi, then if you want to teach any subject, programming on the website so that you can easily earn money online, then you can easily create such website through wordpress.

    3. If you want to create e-commerce website, then you can use ‘woocommerce’ plugin for e-commerce. If you understand in simple Hindi language, if you want to sell the goods of your shop online, then through WordPress you can sell it online, we call it e-commerce website. For this also you get themes and plugins.

    4. You can also easily use WordPress to sell PDF files online.

    5. You can also create your own blog through WordPress.

Some important information about WordPress

1. Any kind of website or blog can be easily created on WordPress.

2. To create a blog and website on WordPress, no code knowledge is required.

3. Already built themes are available to create WordPress website and blog.

4. Plugins are easily available to create WordPress website and blog, so that you can add any functionality to your website.

5. Creating a blog and website on WordPress saves you a lot of time, a WordPress website can be created in just 2 hours.

6. WordPress is absolutely free, for this you do not have to make any payment.

WordPress may have a little bit longer learning curve at the beginning but hey, don’t tell me you expected to build an online empire and you are not ready to invest a few hours a day for about a week to learn a tool that will help you build this empire – and it’s a free tool by the way!

So all you have to invest is your time – and you will get knowledge that will stay with you. Once you start learning about WordPress, you will find that Internet and Youtube specifically is FULL of very detailed tutorials on how to build a site on WordPress, you will also find that WordPress comes with over 55 thousand plugins – many of them are entirely free – which will help you customize and set up your site to successfully drive traffic from Google and Pinterest, to make it user-friendly for your site visitors, and so on.


If you start a website on another platform, you will constantly find yourself in a situation that some features and functionality that you need and that’s easily accessible with WordPress plugins, is not available for you on that other platform. WordPress also comes with lots of free and premium themes – many of them are highly customizable and allow you to build a website for any niche you can imagine from a simple business site with a few pages to a huge site like a magazine with thousands of pages.

In my future videos, I will talk about the most important WordPress plugins any new website needs, about the best WordPress themes – free and paid – I can recommend, I will also talk about how much does it actually cost to start a website and so much more. If you want to learn all things about starting a WordPress site, Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell button to get notified when my new videos go live.

If you this video helpful, give me a like – it will help Youtube algorithm learn that you want to see more videos like this one, and will help me understand that I’m going in the right direction sharing these tips on my channel! I will remind you about my free course that will teach you how to start a WordPress site, you can sign up for it if you check the link in the description. And before you close this window, here are a few of my previous videos that you’ll find very helpful if you are just starting a blog or website. See you in the next videos!


How to see total readership on WordPress website?

You can use Google analytics to see how many visitors you have daily, weekly or monthly on your WordPress website, or you can check the total readership of your blog in your WordPress dashboard by installing the jetpack plugin. .

How to View Your Website’s Viewers on WordPress?

To see the keywords of your website in WordPress, you can use the Google site kits plugin, so that you can see the matrix of Google analytics, Google search console, Google page insight and Google AdSense in your dashboard with just one plugin.

In Google search console, you can easily check which pages of your WordPress blog are getting ranked and from which keywords you are getting organic traffic.

What is the difference between Google and WordPress?

Google is a search engine that displays your searched questions in front of you by searching the answers and content published in the internet whereas WordPress is a CMS content management system that means a software on which you can create your blog or website. Creates and publishes.


Today we learned some basic things in WordPress Tutorial In Hindi- Guide for Beginners . WordPress is a vast concept , to learn from which you have to follow these steps and if you want to create a blog or website from WordPress, then follow the steps given below:-

  • Decide the niche for your Blog or website 
  • Purchase Domain Name _ 
  • Purchase Hosting _ 
  • WordPress from your hosting . download and install org _ _
  • Complete General setting of WordPress Dashboard .
  • Install Fast Loaded , Mobile Responsive , Light Weighted and SEO Friendly Theme in your WordPress blog _  
  • Publish posts and pages .
  • Customize Theme _ _ 
  • Connect  to Google search console and Google analytics _
  • Monetize your Blog and earn money.

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