What is the Difference Between Air and Wind

Difference between Air and Wind

Definition of air :

Air is a mixture but it is not a compound. Air shows properties of gases. The Gaseous mixture of the atmosphere is called air. Air includes oxygen , atmosphere , and nitrogen . It is the pressure between two places .


  1. Air is the gaseous mixture of atmosphere .
  2. Air is the combination of mixture of gases.
  3. Air is the general name of mixture.
  4. Pure air has no colour.
  5. Pure air Has no discernible.
  6. It is separated into its compounds.
  7. It is the Components of fractional distillation .
  8. Air is the components that separated by physical means.
  9. Air Shows the properties of all the gases present in it.
  10. It Does not have a fixed boiling point.

Definition of the wind :

Wind is The moment of air that caused by the air pressure. The Wind moves faster. Wind Also forms a air in large quantity. Wind is the movement of air. Wind is the horizontal motion.


  1. Anemometer is is used to measure the wind velocity .
  2. wind are caused by the air pressure .
  3. Unheating of the Earth surface of the solar radiation blowing of the Wind.
  4. Wind vane is used to measure the wind direction.
  5. ultimate source of the Wind is the sun.
  6. The wind moves faster than the air.
  7. Wind is caused by the pressure between two places.
  8. Wind is Simply air in motion.
  9. Wind energy is the renewable energy sources.
  10. It cooled air sinks over the land.

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