What are the Main Adverse Effect of Green Revolution


what are the main adverse effect of green revolution

The Green Revolution, also known as the Second Agricultural Revolution, was a time when major changes were made to farming practices in order to increase crop yields. This revolution was spurred by the discovery of the elements phosphorus and nitrogen, which allowed farmers to fertilize their fields more often and achieve better results. Despite these benefits, there have been some adverse effects of the Green Revolution, including deforestation, increased water usage, and harmful pesticides and herbicides. In this article, we will explore some of these effects in greater depth.

Adverse effect of Green Revolution

The Green Revolution has had a tremendous impact on global food production, contributing to a decline in famine and an increase in life expectancy. However, there have been some adverse effects of the Green Revolution.

One of the main adverse effects of the Green Revolution is that it has contributed to increased deforestation. Deforestation causes climate change, increases acid rain, and increases water shortages. It also creates more CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming.

Adverse Effect of GMOs

The main adverse effect of GMOs is the release of pesticides into the environment. These pesticides can be harmful to both humans and wildlife. They can also lead to the development of resistance to these chemicals, which could create even more problems in the future. Additionally, GMOs have been linked to a number of other health issues, such as obesity and diabetes.

Adverse Effect of Glyphosate

The use of glyphosate, a key component of the so-called “green revolution” has led to a range of adverse effects. These effects include damaging ecosystems, causing cancer and other health problems, and contributing to climate change.

Adverse Effect of pesticides

The main adverse effect of pesticides is their toxicity. Pesticides can be harmful to both humans and wildlife. They can also contaminate groundwater and create chemical pollutants that can harm the environment.


The main adverse effect of the green revolution, according to research, has been an increase in environmental pollution and a rise in global temperatures. The green revolution led to an increase in farming practices that used more chemicals and pesticides and resulted in a dramatic increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the adoption of modern irrigation techniques led to overpumping of groundwater, which contributed to water shortages.