This Graphics Card can run Valorant on 60+ FPS (GT 710 Review)

Hey guys,I was just got amazed when we did the benchmark of GT 710 on the Latest game Valorant, This graphics card is very old but it is still in the market to beat the Intel or AMD integrated GPU’s, This Graphics Card is quite good and you can get it in around 40-50 $ which is good, Let’s straight into the topic.

GT 710 Specifications

This GPU came out with decent specs.


Manufacturer NVIDIA
Codename GK208B
Architecture Kepler
Pipelines 192 – unified
Core Speed 954 MHz
Memory Speed 1800 MHz
Memory Bus Width 64 Bit
Memory Type DDR3
Max. Amount of Memory 2 GB MB
Shared Memory no
DirectX DirectX 12 (11_0), Shader 5.1
Transistor Count 1,020 Million
technology 28 nm
Date of Announcement 27.03.2014 = 2639 days old

This old beast will never die because this budget Graphics Card has a different place in the heart of gamers, still this beast can run Valorant at 60+ FPS on low Setting thats quite amazing and this is really insane.

GT 710 Benchmark for Valorant

The following benchmarks is quite impressive and come with a great hope for low end pc gamers, before this game they struggling with 30 fps of CS:GO game which become quite heavy after maps graphics update, Valorant have same FPS type game like CS:GO or you can say copy of CS:GO game concept.This valorant game is not much heavy by this the GT 710 GPU will run this game smoothly with 60+ fps.

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