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Success Of

Friends, society thinks that stupid is a little brain considers being out of order, but why do our society consider them stupid because they move away from society to do something anyone who cannot think anything that society be completely different from when a person does the right thing it does. Regardless of society it is called. Idiot guys this same idiot to keep changing the world so guys, today we will know about those idiots that’s how he made bewkoof.Com the one of the highest selling e-commerce site today we will also know because what was a pass story. What were those what else have you made and believe it. Friends this much is going to help a lot. Your where is the best of india e-commerce sites with very big names. Were moving fingers towards profit. Same bewakoof.Com friends a new beginning in april 2012 launched with and starts with such a beginning happened. Bewakoof.Com! Four times more strike is growing bewakoof.Com’s recent turnover friends, they have 10 crores in current crop and friends, bewakoof.Com to whom founder prabhkiran singh also said that bewkoof.Com 15 to 20% is growing every month because friends self-sustainable if there is growth, friends grow close to the story april 1, kiran on two iitians in 2012 singh and siddharth manoj to bewakoof.Com launched. Friends, siddhartha work before all this used to do right over education startup prabkiran do which was his business which was his flavour buttermilk operated which was famous happened. More status in the name of khadke glassy takes millions of rupees. Start to open took only 33 investments which they have to work for 6 months with my seed funding he and angel as friends funding also took funding. A few months later. Also from snapdeal and he did this with idfc securities think why you named this site stupid? Siddharth says that this is a very lucky thing. Ours siddharth and the habit of the episode during college days was. It was also that the domains of different unique names buying and selling them at the premiere bewakoof.Com they bought two years ago. But launch done friends 2 years later, friends he also said that we are on top of a lifestyle brand were working, for which our domain was it was very important to be small and easy. His attention to a domain public once the name if you pull it, the public always remembers it. What is sold in bewakoof.Com is stupid dot com customer clothing and mobile cover selling works and stupid.Com also claims that mana t-shirt at 1.5 crores they are sold. Their most to date the best teacher is the hour collection. Friends hour t-shirt which was made only for college for the student, where you used to get the message. Bell engineering hour, mba and more collections and friends the market share they hold is 16 of this group of 34 years when people come, people ask that it is just why only send two items. Clothes and mobile why not send a cover and any accessories? Stupid.Com was asked the same thing. Their founder setu founders responded. Friends that he which is e-commerce, it is a different business model and this business model is, he is different. Both have their friends and weekends is. Hi margin as well as you hi customer loyalty is also available more differences lie in unique products. E commerce friends and other things inside the market that bewkoof.Com which is the side, she sells. Own manufactured to the goodies but friends before that. Bewkoof.Com offline there used to be stores. In mumbai then he convert bewakoof.Com online from offline is the only e-commerce site. Where you train designing related fashion from lifestyle will see or just say that related to you friend you will get to see clothes of your choice there. Even if why should it be a slogan written on t-shirt or no facebook or someone else will be all that. Train related and that’s not the case. Siddharth about mobile cover it is said that this is a very good opportunity lifestyle can be formed in future. Other than that to launch mobile accessories from their plant for. But he first thought about mobile covers in two, one thing is different from all these. Idiot sole about dot com that bewakoof.Com I saw an e-commerce site that movie merchandising she also does. That is, in very bollywood movies bewakoof.Com is a partnership of merchandise. Goons idiots gangs of wasseypur boss and even sholay has become very popular. Inside a bollywood friend who has partnered is. T series viacom etienne and excel entertainment as well as on zee tv has been told that. Their cofounder episode according to friends, this was the whole matter 7 this journey of years to bewakoof.Com where more than 250 team members and more than 10 million products sold and friends over 60 million have downloaded the app. What makes people the stupid is different from his innovative design direct consumer models and homemade that is, how was it made in india friends.

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