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SST-What is SST and what is SST Full Form ? If you are looking for answers to some similar questions, then you have come to the right place because here through this post we are going to tell you what is Full Form of SST .

As you may know, SST is a short form, which you must have often heard from someone or the other, but what is SST and what is its full form, let us know in detail.

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When any child comes SSD subject in school then they want to know what is the Full Form of SST? And we keep saying that it is very important for everyone to know the full form of SST.


Because SST is such a word that not only you get the word in school, there are many such things in our life in which what is the full form of SST is associated with it. We know that if you want to know about SST full form other than the SST subject which is taught in school, then definitely you want to know about some things in your daily life.

So, without delaying further in this article, let us criticize in detail about what is the full form of SST in Hindi and English. I hope that by reading this article of ours, you will get to know about all types of SST in a better way.

Varn Viched | SST

Actually SST means Social Science Studies which we call Social Studies in school or college. Many of you must be thinking even after knowing the Full Form of SST from the above paragraph that what is this Social Studies subject.

If you have seen each and every subject till class 10th in every state, then you will know that this social studies subject is taught in every school from class 3rd to 10th. In this social studies subject, children are given knowledge of history, civics and geography. And the child who does this social studies subject well in school i.e. up to 10th class, his general knowledge is very good.

For this reason, in every school every year, along with the subjects of English and Mathematics, the subject of Social Studies is also taught very carefully to every child. But do you know that apart from this full form of SST, there are many other full forms which are used for different areas with different meanings.

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For example, if you use the word SST in the geographical area, it means Sea Surface Temperature and in Hindi this SST means surface sea temperature. If we talk in detail, then we know the sea, we call the temperature of the water on its surface as SSP in the geographical area.

Anyway, the word SST is used in many different fields, but out of this, the social studies subject in our school is used the most because its importance is very high for every child and teacher.

What is the importance of SST for children in school

If you must have read this SST topic in school, then you must know by now that what is the importance of this SST topic for every child in the school. Apart from this, the teachers who live in the school also know how important it is for every child to read and understand the SST subject well.

If any child has to increase his general knowledge in the school itself, then he has to read and understand social studies properly. Because this is such a subject where you are taught well important subjects like history, goals and civics. And perhaps that’s why in most of the states this social studies subject has been made up to class 10th. For all these reasons, SST subject is given a lot of importance in the school.

Why is SST taught in school

The reasons for which SST subject is taught in schools are criticized one by one in the list below:

  1. The subject of Social Studies of the school is very easy, that’s why every child is very eager to study this subject.
  2. Through this subject, the primary education of our society, in which the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, is given to every child till the fifth grade in simple language.
  3. And the biggest advantage behind learning this SST subject is that any child who learns and understands this SST subject well in school, then his general knowledge is filled with a lot, which will help him in different fields in the future. Can be very useful.

These are some of the reasons because of which SST subject is taught in every school at least till fifth standard. But as we tell you, this full form of SST has different meaning for many fields, out of which another important word is in the bank.

What is the full form of SST in banking sector?

If your account is in any big bank, then you must have heard this word SST in the bank. Because nowadays these SST genes are used in almost every bank. Actually the full form of banking sector SST is Self Service Technology.

Now probably many of you must have heard this term self-service technology for the first time. Basically it means that the bank has used some technology to make you do your own work, like the ATM printing machine that you get inside banking.

HRMS Odisha Payslip | SST

Through S ATM machine, you can get your passbook updated without going to any bank official. Apart from this, nowadays many such ATMs have come out where you can put your money in your account without going to the bank, which you people can bring inside this banking SST. So I hope that we use the word SSD in school, apart from this, you must have known everything

SST Full Form

The full name of SST is Social Studies , which is known as Social Studies , but sometimes we also call it Social Science .

This is a book, under which information related to history, geography, political science, and economy comes.

What is SST?

SST means social study or science, in which we have to be familiar with all the incidents happening in the society in ancient and present times, as well as its prevention and suggestion aspects.

other full forms of sst

Apart from Social Studies, it has other full names, which we are listing below, which come from different categories.

Full name:in Category:
Sea Surface TemperatureAcademic & Science
Solid State TransmitterRadio Science
Science Society of ThailandScience
Secondary School TeacherJob Title
Sales Service TaxFinancial
System Support TeamMilitary and Defense
Spacecraft Systems TestSpace
Singapore Standard TimeTime Zones


What is the full form of SST?

The full name of SST is Social Studies and Social Studies in English.

Which subject is SST?

SST is such a subject where three to four different subjects are made up of you. And this is the name of all subjects: geography, history, politics, economics, science.

How many subjects are there in SSC?

There are minimum 4 subjects in SST.

What is SST full form in Education?

The full form of SST in education is Social Studies.

What is the full form of SST subject funny?

The funny full form name of SST subject is Social Science Studies.


So as you can see, today in this article we have criticized in detail what is the full form of SST. Along with this, we have also criticized why this subject is kept as a social science study till minimum 10th standard in every government and private school in India and what is its importance. 

I hope that right now there is no other problem regarding SSD along with SST Ka Full Form in your mind. Even after this, if you have any question regarding SST, then you must ask in the comment box given below.

I hope that with the help of this post, you would have got the Full Form of SST in both Hindi and English languages,

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