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Do you know what is the full form of SRS? If you are searching then you have come to the right place because here I am going to tell you the full name of the word SRS.

As you must be aware that SRS is a short name, which you must have heard at some point or the other but do not know its full meaning, so let’s know in detail.

SRS Full Form

The full name of SRS is Sound Retrieval System , which is called as Sound Retrieval System in .

The Sound Retrieval System (SRS) is a patented psychoacoustic 3D audio processing technology, originally invented by Arnold Kellman in the 1980s.

Other Full Forms of SRS:

Full Form:Category:
Software Requirements SpecificationNetworking
Simple Roleplaying SystemSports
Search and Rescue SectorMilitary and Defence
Sample Registration SystemGovernmental

With the aim of generating reliable and continuous data on births and deaths, the Office of the Registrar General of India, introduced the scheme of sample registration of births and deaths in India, known as the Sample Registration System (SRS) in 1964–65 . Is known. pilot basis and full scale from 1969-70. Since then SRS has been providing data on a regular basis.

A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a complete description of the intended purpose and behavior of the software to be developed. The SRS defines the inner workings of the software and describes what the software will do and how it is expected to perform.

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Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is an airbag system designed to supplement the seat belts of the driver and front passenger, helping to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger and some Activates and deploys both air bags in frontal collisions.

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a form of radiation therapy that focuses high-powered X-rays on a small area of ​​the body.

The Sound Retrieval System (SRS) is a psychoacoustic 3D audio processing technology invented by Arnold Kellman.

SRS Full Forms

  • SRS = Supplemental Restraint System
  • SRS = Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • SRS = Software Requirements Specification
  • SRS = Serious
  • SRS = Sex Reassignment Surgery
  • SRS = Sample Registration System

Friends, let us get information about all these in brief. And also know the meaning of all these words.

SRS Full Form in Airbag And Automobiles

Let us now get information about SRS Full Form in Automobiles and Airbag.

SRS Full Form =  Supplemental Restraint System

What is Supplemental Restraint System and what does it mean?

Supplemental Restraint System

SRS Airbag  Airbags are used for personal safety in vehicles. Because of this, when there is an accident or collision in the vehicles, then there is a lot of safety for the vehicle rider and the driver, they can avoid a big accident.


These are mainly in taxes and expensive vehicles. These are automatic which automatically fills air in these bags when there is a possibility of accident and passengers can avoid any accident to some extent. This is a very good safety feature in automobiles. Whenever you are buying a vehicle, keep this in mind.

SRS Full Form  in Medical

SRS Full Form =  Stereotactic Radiosurgery

What is Stereotactic Radiosurgery and what does it mean?

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

Here SRS stands for Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Friends, this is a non-surgical radiation therapy. SRS is used to treat small brain tumors. With its help, precise operations can be carried out in the shortest possible time.

SRS Full Form  in Softwere Engineering Or Programming & Development

Come friends, now what is the meaning of SRS in software engineering and programming development, let us also know a little about it.

SRS Full Form =  Software Requirements Specification

What is Software Requirements Specification and what does it mean?

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

It is a small file that comes with the software. It contains all kinds of information related to that software. Like the essential things for Softare, how this software will reduce etc.

Friends, it often comes with softwares in a file named Readme. When a Programmer or Software Engineer creates a program or software, he also creates this file or document so that the user of this software does not face any kind of problem.

SRS Full Form in Chat, slang, Instagram, Twitter

SRS full form now means the same thing during Instagram, Twitter, Chatting. Let’s get to know a little about him in brief.

SRS Full Form =  Serious


What is serious  and what does it mean?

Serious (SRS)

Here friends, in colloquial language, during chatting in English, this word means serious in short, which we know as serious, important etc. in Hindi. It is written SRS in short, when this word is written in this way for quick typing during chatting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

SRS Meaning In Trasngender

Come friends, now let us know about the meaning of this word according to medical and transgender.

SRS Full Form =  Sex Reassignment Surgery

What is sex reassignment surgery and what does it mean?

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

It is the name of a type of operation. Sex Reassignment Surgery which we also know by the name of sex transplant therapy in Hindi. Through this operation, the physical appearance of any person and its gender are changed from one gender to another. As in man to woman.

SRS Full Form in Community

SRS Full Form = Sample Registration System (SRS)

What is Sample Registration System and what does it mean?

Sample Registration System (SRS)

SRS means Sample Registration System, we also know it by the name of Hindi easy registration system. Friends, to make this census easier.

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is the system. In this, the counting of births and deaths goes on continuously. So that there is a record of the entire population of the country.


I hope that with the help of this article, you must have got to know SRS Full Form English in both languages, if you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends.