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Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography :- India has won its first medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in the form of silver medal, which is being presented to you in simple words today. 

Sanket Mahadev won the first medal for India at the Commonwealth Games 2022 being held in England, he won the silver medal in the men’s 55 kg event in the sport of weightlifting. 

Sanket was born on 16 October 2000 in a small village in Maharashtra. There his father runs a small tea and water shop. 21-year-old Sanket Mahadev used to practice weightlifting daily along with his studies. Detail information about this game which is in discussion today has been presented to you in this article.


If you are looking for Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography on Google , then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to give detailed information about Sanket Mahadev’s early life and current weightlifting career, so you are requested to stay with the article till the end.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography [wiki]

NameSanket Mahadev Sagar
Age21 years
date of birth16 October 2000
birth placeSingli, Nagpur, Maharashtra
reason for prevalenceSilver Medal in Commonwealth 2022 Weightlifting
coachesMayur Singhasane
Weight55 Kg

Who is Sanket Mahadev Sagar?

Sanket Mahadev Sagar is a 21-year-old boy from an ordinary family living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Today Mahadev has become the reason of discussion in India. It is because of this that Mahadev Sagar has given India its first medal by leading India in the Commonwealth Games 2022 by securing a silver medal in the 55 kg event.

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Sanket was born on 16 October 2000 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. His father runs a simple shop and his family is a simple lower middle class family. Sanket used to practice weightlifting after completing his history studies from Shivaji University in Maharashtra, today he has established himself as a popular weight lifter leading India.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography

Sanket Mahadev Sagar was born on 16 October 2000 in a small place named Sangli in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. His father Mahadev Sagar came to Maharashtra in the 1990s where he started his first business by selling fruits on a cart, after that he raised money and opened a tea shop, today his tea shop is doing very well.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar

Belonging to an ordinary family, Sanket Mahadev did his graduation in History from Shivaji University, Nagpur. Along with his education, 21-year-old Sanket used to practice weightlifting at a gym next to his shop. You will be surprised to know that Sanket’s younger sister Kajol Sagar has become the first gold medalist of the 4th Khelo India Youth Games. Sanket has been training in weight lifting since 2017 along with some Mayur Singhasana.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar Career

Sanket Mahadev tells in his interview that if he had worked a little more, perhaps he would have won the gold medal. Indications suggest that when he saw Gururaj winning a silver medal in the Gold Coast Games, the idea of ​​winning a medal came to his mind. Earlier he was taking training in weightlifting but he had no idea to make further career as a weightlifter

Sangeet Mahadev Sagar says that he has been very fond of sports since childhood, but it was his father’s dream to make a career in sports. His father belongs to a small village where he could not pursue a career in sports due to poor family conditions and had to work at a young age. After which his father wanted his children to pursue a career in sports. His father had a shop near where he used to train a famous weightlifter named Mayur Singsane and affectionately called Sanket Mahadev Nana Singsane.

In 2017, his father got his name written in Digvijay Vyamshala near the shop so that his child could go to gym there daily. Gradually his interest in the sport of weightlifting started increasing there and he started practicing weightlifting from 2017 with Mayur Singhsane. A few months after starting practice, in 2017, in the Maharashtra Junior Weightlifting Competition, Sanket won the gold medal in the 49 kg category by lifting 194 kg.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar

This was followed by a bronze medal in the Vizag Junior National Youth Championships in 2018. After this, in the 2021 Commonwealth Games which took place in Tasket, he won the gold medal in weightlifting in Sanket, he participated in 55 category in this competition and lifted the weight of 256 kg which is India’s record. Also represented NIS Patiala in October 2021. Sanket also won the gold medal in the Khelo India Youth Games, followed by the gold medal in the Khelo India University in 2020.

Sanket Sagar Commonwealth Games 2022

India’s medal winning account has been opened in the Commonwealth Games 2022 being played in England . India’s symbol in the sport of weightlifting, Mahadev Sagar lifted 107 kg in the first snatch attempt, followed by 111 kg in the second attempt and 113 kg in the third attempt during weightlifting in the men’s 55 kg category.

Sanket lifted 135 kg in his first attempt at clean and jerk . With this, in this competition, he lifted a total weight of 248 kg and secured the second position. A Malaysian weightlifter lifted a total of 249 kg to win the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. There was a difference of only 1 kg between the player who won the first position and Sanket. On this, he has said that if he had tried a little more, he would have won the gold medal today.

Achievement of Sanket Mahadev Sagar | Sanket Mahadev Sagar Achievement

Sanket Mahadev Sagar has achieved various types of achievements during weightlifting, his achievements are being presented to you below in a listed manner –

  • In December 2021, lifting the weight of 113 kg, set a national record in the 55 kg category.
  • Participated in IWF World Championships 2021.
  • Won silver medal in Commonwealth Games 2022 in 55 kg category.
  • Won gold medal in Khelo India Youth Games in 2020.

Sanket Mahadev Sagar’s Social Media Links

Sanket Mahadev Sagar Social Media Links:- If you want to contact Sanket Mahadev Sagar, then the information about his social media link is given below, see it carefully –

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Some important questions related to Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography (FAQ)

Q. Who is Sanket Mahadev Sagar?

Ans. Sanket Mahadev Regards is a 21 year old weightlifter from Maharashtra who has won a silver medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Q. What is Sanket Mahadev Sagar’s father’s name?

Ans. Sanket Mahadev Sagar’s father’s name is Mahadev Sagar. He has opened his own small tea water shop in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Q. How old is Sanket Sagar?

Ans. Sanket Mahadev Sagar was born on 16 October 2000, according to which his current age is 21 years.


Today in this article, we have given you detailed information about Sanket Mahadev Sagar and how he won the silver medal for India in the sport of weightlifting in the Commonwealth Games 2022. If after reading about Sanket Mahadev Sagar Biography  this article, you have understood about who Sanket Mahadeva is and how he has won India in the Commonwealth Games, then share it with your friends as well as with your friends. Don’t forget to ask your suggestions, ideas or any kind of questions in the comments.