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PT Usha Biography :- Today, if anyone is asked about the fastest running woman in India, then the name of PT Usha comes first from the mouth of children. PT Usha has brought laurels to India in the sport of athlete for almost two decades. PT Usha does not need any introduction. PT Usha was born on 27 June 1964 at a place named Payyoli in Kerala. 

She spread the magic of her fast running on the track in such a way that she was named “Queen of Indian Track”. The full name of PT Usha is “Pilavullakanti Tekkeparampil Usha”. If you want to know about P. T. Usha, then today in this article, through PT Usha Biography , an attempt has been made to tell some special things of this great personality in simple words.

PT Usha

PT Usha has brought laurels to India as the fastest woman sprinter for nearly two decades. He has achieved gold medal in Olympics in athlete’s game . Today PT Usha runs an athlete school in Kerala and helps other children to reach this point. PT Usha has an official website where you can get more information about her school.

PT Usha Short Profile

player nameP T Usha
nicknameThe golden girl
date of birth 27 June 1964
birth placePayyoli, Kerala
ongoing workwon gold medal at international level
PT Usha Full Namepilavullakanti tekkeparampil usha

PT Usha Life Introduction | PT Usha Biography

The full name of PT Usha is Pilavulakandi Thekkeparambil Usha. He was born on 27 June 1964 in a village named Payyoli in Kerala . His father’s name is E P M Pital , his mother’s name is TV Lakshmi . PT Usha was very thin and physically very weak since childhood. But during his early education he improved his health and after that people started seeing an athlete in him. In 1976, the Government started a Government Athlete Center in Kannur, Kerala. PT Usha was 12 when she was selected along with 40 other women at the athlete center in Coonoor. After completing training here, he won the National Athlete Competition for the first time in 1979.won in This was the time when PT Usha brought laurels to her field by winning gold medal in the field of running for the first time.

After this PT Usha started participating in different competitions and won gold medals for every country everywhere. PT Usha was honored with different names because of her athletic performance.

P T Usha Queen Of Indian Track

PT wants Usha to be known as Queen of Indian Track or Golden Girl . Apart from this, he has also been honored with different types of awards in the field of sports. PT Usha made India win gold medals in Olympics and other sports at a time when women were not given much leeway in the country of India. In 1979, PT Usha first proved herself capable of international sports by winning the gold medal at the national level.

 After this , he started his international career in 1980 by participating as an athlete in “Pakistan Open National Meet” . In Karachi, he made India win 4 consecutive gold medals. PT Usha brought India four gold medals in athletics in Pakistan after which she became a popular athlete in India.

Achievements of PT Usha | Achievements of PT Usha

  • In 1982, PT Usha participated in the 100 meters and 200 meters race in the World Invitation Meet, in which she won the gold medal in 200 meters and the bronze medal in 100 meters and brought laurels to the country there as well. After this, he participated in the 400 meter race in the Asia Track and Field race and set a new record in the 400 meter race there and won the gold medal. After this, in 1984, PT Usha participated in the 400 meters race in the Los Angeles Olympics and lost by a very small margin and could not even get the bronze medal.
  • After this , he participated in Indonesia’s Asia Track World Champion in 1985 and won 5 gold medals consecutively . After this, he participated in the Seoul Olympics but due to a sudden injury to his leg, he could not perform properly in the Olympic Games. After this, he took part in the Beijing Asian Games in 1990, after winning the gold medal in that, Akhilesh retired from the game. After this, in 1991, she married Srinivasan. After a few years, at the age of 34, in 1998, he came back again to everyone’s surprise. After competing in a few sports, he finally retired from athletics altogether in 2000.

Records of PT Usha | PT Usha Records

The athlete’s craft was infused in PT Usha. This can be gauged from the fact that he set many athlete records at a very young age.

  • In 1977, at the age of just 13, PT Usha set a national record in the National Athlete Competition in the state of Kerala.
  • After this, in 1980, at the age of 16, he participated in the athlete competition in the Moscow Olympics. After this she became the youngest woman ever to compete in the Olympics. 
  • She became the first female athlete from India to compete in the athletics competition and made it to the finals.
  • This marked the first time that hurdles were introduced for women at the Los Angeles Olympics. In which, by participating in the 400 meter hurdles, finishing this race in 55.42 seconds made it India’s national record, which still stands today. 
  • In 1998, at the age of 34, she participated in the Asian Games in Beijing and became the oldest Indian woman to win the race.

PT Usha’s performance in Olympics

PT Usha has participated in the game of Olympics a total of 2 times. His performance both times has been so good that even today people clench their teeth remembering that game. PT Usha’s performance in the Olympics is remembered even today, a brief account of which is being presented below.

The story of PT Usha and Olympics begins in 1980 when PT Usha was only 16 years old. At such a young age, he made his place in the Olympic Games. In the Moscow Olympics, he participated in the sport of hurdles in this Olympics. He completed this game in 55.42 seconds, which is still India’s national record. But he could not win in this Olympics, due to which he improved a lot in his game and again participated in the Olympic Games in 1984.

PT Usha Big Achievements

At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, PT Usha made it to the semi-finals of the 400 meters and became the first Indian woman to qualify for the finals of an athletic event. But even in the final of this Olympics, she could not win the final by a margin of 1/100. This was the most spectacular game of his entire career in which people became crazy about him, he had made full preparations to convert the lost game into victory, but due to a slight mistake, he could not win.

After this PT Usha took part in different sports and changed her running skills to a great extent. She prepared hard for the Seoul Olympics in 1988, but due to a heel injury before the match, she could not perform well in the match. However, even the bigwigs were surprised to see the kind of performance he showed in the game despite the injury.

PT Usha Career in Athlete Competition

After this PT Usha got married and retired from the game. But all of a sudden, in 1998, 34-year-old PT Usha again takes part in the busy Asian Games. Due to her age, she could not win the gold medal in this game, but she won 3 silver medals. PT Usha’s performance in the 200m race during this game sets a new national record for the 200m race in India.

However, citing old age as a reason, PT Usha retired completely from the athlete’s game in the year 2000. PT Usha is honored with the greatest honor like Bharat Ratna by the Government of India. Today PT Usha is running an Athlete’s School in Kerala where she guides dynamic kids like her to win the Olympic Games.

Why is PT Usha called Gold Girl? PT Usha Gold Girl

PT Usha has won 102 medals at the international level, including 46 gold medals. Usha is the only player to win 6 gold medals in a single competition. Apart from this, the credit for winning the maximum number of gold medals in the field of athlete has also been given to PT Usha. Because of this PT Usha has been named as Gold Girl.

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However, PT Usha’s performance was so good in every athletic game that people became crazy about PT Usha. Even if it was not a good performance, but PT Usha used to become everyone’s favorite. Seeing the performance of PT Usha, she has been given different names which include – Payyoli Express, The Golden Girl, and other names.

Political introduction of PT Usha | PT Usha Political Career

PT Usha is currently the chairman of the Rajya Sabha . She got this position directly from the President because she is very good in the game of athlete. In a recent media conference, PT Usha refused to associate with the BJP government headed by Narendra Modi. She said that she likes all the parties of India and does not want to upset the other party by joining any one party.

P T Usha

Presently, PT Usha fulfills the position of Rajya Sabha given by the government without choosing any party. At present, his political career is nothing but that of a Rajya Sabha Speaker. In various media interviews, he has proved that he does not want to make a career in politics in any way.

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FAQ’s PT Usha Biography

Q. When was PT Usha born?

Ans. PT Usha was born on 27 June 1964 in Kerala. Whose present age is 58 years.

Q. How many medals has PT Usha won in total?

Ans. PT Usha has won a total of 102 medals including national and international, out of which 46 are gold medals. Out of which 13 are international gold medals.

Q. What is the full name of PT Usha?

Ans. The full name of PT Usha is Pillaullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha.

Q. Why is PT Usha called Udan Pari?

Ans. PT Usha has achieved a variety of name titles because of her outstanding athletic career. In which the name of queen of track was given for winning 6 gold medals in a row for India and the names of Payyoli Express and Udan Pari were given for doing such a big work coming from a small village in Kerala.


Today in this article we tried to explain PT Usha Biography to you. Apart from this, we also told you some interesting things related to PT Usha and her game. After reading all the information mentioned in this article, you must have understood why PT Usha will always be popular as a great personality of India.

If through this article of ours you have understood everything about India’s pride PT Usha and have been able to see her athlete career from a different perspective, then share it with your friends. Apart from this, if you have any kind of question regarding PT Usha, then do not forget to ask it in the comment section.