Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.


Do you know who is the owner of OYO? Today we are going to tell you, who is the owner of OYO Rooms , and also know everything about OYO Rooms today.

It is said, if you convert a problem into a task, and people get help from it, then that work automatically starts moving forward and fast, the same is the case for OYO Rooms, Which you will know further in this article today, so read it thoroughly and know more interesting information about OYO.

Who is the owner of OYO? (OYO Owner)

OYO Rooms is owned by Ritesh Agarwal , who hails from Rayagada district of Odisha. She was born on 16 November 1993 in Bissum Cuttack. He is the youngest millionaire in India, who has also won the Thiel Fellowship. He started the work of OYO at a very young age, for which he also left his college.

Ritesh’s family consists of mother, father and three brothers. The ability to do business will be settled in his romance. His father works with Infrastructure Corporation and his mother is a housewife.

Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.
Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.

Let us tell you that Ritesh Aggarwal started his business career at the age of about 17, which very few people are able to do at a young age, and at the same time can achieve success in it. And this is a matter of great pride.

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In 2012, Ritesh Agarwal launched Oravel Stays with the aim of listing and booking hotels at affordable prices. Ritesh Agarwal researched this thing for several months, lived in rooms of different hotels and saw,

Also stayed in many small hotels in India. Then in 2013, he named this company as OYO Rooms.

About OYO Company [About OYO Company]

the headquartersGurugram, Haryana
founded byRitesh Agarwal
CEORitesh Agarwal
the productHotel Chain Company

What is the full form of Oyo?

OYO means (On Your Own Room), it is one of India’s best online hotel booking platform, which works for online hotel booking, this company was started in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal.

OYO Rooms has thousands of Hotels, Vacation Homes and more than 10 lakh rooms. These companies are working their hotels in many countries including India, Malaysia, UAE, Nepal, China, UK, Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and America.

Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.
Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.

There are many advantages of booking from Oyo like you could not book room on local id without oyo but room can be booked from oyo with any id.

Whether it is local or somewhere different, booking is done, the second advantage is that according to your budget, you can take the cheapest and most expensive room from Oyo and you can book sitting at home online, many such benefits from Oyo room. to book.

How OYO got started?

Ritesh Agarwal was born in Bhishmaktak, Raigad district of Odisha. Wanted to become an entrepreneur since school days. The family members sent Kota to prepare for IIT entrance, but Ritesh did not feel like there. He started traveling.

He would request the hoteliers to let me stay here. I want to solve a big problem of hotel industry. Many people would give them discounts and many would reprimand them. During this, he stayed in 200 hotels in about 100 places.

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While traveling and staying in hotels, he caught a big problem in the industry. An idea came to his mind and he started a startup called Oravel Stage in 2012.

Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.
Who is the owner of OYO? Know Top 3 Secrets about OYO Company.

In this, he used to meet cheap hotels. He used to fix the look and feel of his room. After that he used to find customers for him. It didn’t work and they had to suffer. At the same time, with only 30 rupees, he was thinking about the future sitting in Moth Market of Delhi. And today where Oyo has come from?

  • OYO focused on location, quality and price. Created an aggregator business model i.e. partnered with already existing hotels by not creating new hotels.
  • From hotel search to easy booking, seamless check-in and check-out, and customer satisfaction with utmost care.
  • Through technology, the life of both the customer and the partner has become easier. You can book a room in three clicks and five seconds.
  • Spent huge money on training of staff for better work than existing staff.
  • Plan your strategy according to the need. For example, in India, it is difficult for couples to get a room. In view of this, OYO is promoted as a couples friendly hotel.

Who Is Ritesh Agarwal?

Ritesh Agarwal Is An Indian Entrepreneur And Businessperson, Who Was Born On 16 November 1993 In Raigad, Orissa. He Is The Founder And Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Of OYO Rooms , An Online Hotel Business Company . Ritesh Agarwal Started OYO Hotel In The Year 2013 , Which Is India’s Largest Hospitality Company And One Of The Largest Hotel Companies In The World.

Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Founder) Biography

Name/NameRitesh Agarwal
DOB/Date Of Birth16 November 1993
BirthplaceRaigad, Odisha, India
Age28 Years (2021)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Businessman
Parents/ParentsNot Known
Marital StatusSingle
Net-Worth$1.1 Billion (2022)
Famous/FamousAs The Owner Of OYO
Start Of OYOIn 2013

OYO Owner Biography

OYO Owner Ritesh Agarwal’s Story

The Story Of The Owner Of OYO Began On 16 November 1993 When Ritesh Agarwal Was Born In Bisam Cuttack, Raigad, Odisha. He Got His Early Education From Scared Heart School . And To Complete His Intermediate Studies, Ritesh Aggarwal Came To Kota. And At The Age Of 16, He Was Selected For The Asian Science Camp At The Tata Institute Of Fundamental Search.

OYO Owner

Ritesh Aggarwal had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur since childhood; he didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was, but it was Ritesh Agarwal’s hard work and passion that propelled him to success. Actually, Ritesh Agarwal used to attend various conferences in Delhi and Mumbai, and according to his budget, he used to stay in hotels, but there was neither cleanliness nor accommodation in the hotels. If We Talk About Amenities, If We Talk About Big Hotels, Then There Were Expensive Charges, So Ritesh Agarwal Started OYO Rooms.

Ritesh Agarwal Achievements

  • (2013) First Resident Asian To Win ’20 Under 20′ Thiel Fellowship
  • (2013) Ranked In Top 50 Entrepreneurs By Tata First Dot Awards
  • TIE-Loomis Entrepreneurial Excellence Award In (2014)
  • Finalists Of Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards-India
  • World’s Youngest CEO

Ritesh Agarwal Struggle & Success Story

Ritesh Agarwal Launched His First Startup, Oravel Stays, In The Year 2012, In Response To The Amenities And Expensive Charges In Different Hotels. Ritesh Aggarwal’s prior experience in this field proved beneficial, and he was able to secure funding for his startup from a variety of sources. This Ritesh Agarwal Startup Was Providing Rooms At A Low Price, But Their Amenities Were Not Being Taken Care Of, Which Caused The Startup To Close Due To The Flaws Of Oravel Stays, But Ritesh Aggarwal Did The Same. Keeping this in mind, he relaunched his startup as OYO Room instead of Oravel Stays with Low Cost and Hotel Arrangements.

Now It Was Easy To Provide Rooms And Amenities To The People At Low Cost. And For This Reason Ritesh Aggarwal Soon Got Success In His Startup. With This, Ritesh Agarwal Has Got The Title Of India’s Youngest Entrepreneur And Billionaire By Starting OYO .

So friends, now you must have come to know who is the owner of OYO, and we have given you some information about OYO company, so if you liked this article, then you can also share it with your friends.