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Nirmal Gehlot Biography :- The tradition of coaching classes has been going on in India for many years. With the help of the Internet, it has become easier than ever to study coaching these days. This is the reason that in the last few years, we have heard the names of big companies in the field of education, if you get online education then you must have heard the name of Utkarsh Classes . 

A small Utkarsh Classes started in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, today it is considered as one of the largest education company in India. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Nirmal Gehlot , a person who has included Utkarsh Classes in a big education company. Nirmal Gehlot is known as the CEO of Utkarsh . if youLooking for information about the life introduction of Utkarsh CEO Nirmal Gehlot, then stay with us till the end today. 

In the present times, we cannot deny that due to the advent of internet, changes have been seen in various fields very fast. Nirmal Gehlot, who did this, was born on 15 August 1978 in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. After the arrival of Jio in 2016, internet became very cheap for everyone, due to which when small businesses came on the internet, they became very fast because of their incomparable effect. One such example is of Utkarsh Classes.

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 From the life introduction of Utkarsh CEO Nirmal Gehlot, you will understand how he started his classes in a small place in Rajasthan and how he joined India’s leading education company. 

Nirmal Gehlot Biography

NameNirmal Gehlot
surnamenirmal sir
birth placeJodhpur Rajasthan
date of birth15 August 1978 
reason for prevalenceCEO of Utkarsh Classes
PropertyDo not know

Who is the founder of Utkarsh

Utkarsh founder Nirmal Gehlot was born on 15 August 1978 in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. His father worked as a teacher in a primary school. But when Nirmal Gehlot was in 11th standard, his father lost his job, due to which there was an atmosphere of financial crisis in the house and from 11th standard, he had to complete his studies by teaching tuition. After this, he came to Delhi with the intention of preparing for a government job, where living and eating cost a lot, due to which he started teaching tuition to children in Delhi.

Nirmal Gehlot

When he felt that he was teaching good tuition to the children and the children were able to connect with him better, he thought of making his tuition bigger. With this he laid the foundation of Utkarsh Classes. Gradually the use of internet became more intense in India and they took support of internet to teach tuition to children and within no time more than 50 lakh children study in Utkarsh classes.

Personal Life of Nirmal Gehlot | Nirmal Gehlot Bio [wiki]

Nirmal Gehlot Biography:- Nirmal Gehlot was born on 13 August 1978 in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. Nirmal Gehlot belonged to a normal class family where his father was a teacher, but when Nirmal was in class 11, there was a severe financial crisis in the family, due to which he continued his studies by teaching tuitions. Moving ahead in this way, when he started preparing for a government job, he found that he is very good at teaching, he is able to understand the children in a better way and he is also able to connect with them.

In personal life, Nirmal Gehlot is a very calm person, when he started teaching tuition to children in Delhi, Nirmal became very popular among children. From here he got the idea of ​​starting his coaching institute. After that, in 2016, when internet became cheap in India due to Jio, seeing every business going online due to internet, he started teaching online. Gradually his business started running fast and at present the work of teaching more than 50 lakh students is being done by Utkarsh Classes.

The story of Nirmal Gehlot’s struggle

Nirmal Gehlot has seen a lot of struggle in his life, he has realized the scarcity of money from a very young age, due to which he has become a hardworking and visionary businessman. The story of Nirmal Gehlot’s struggle starts from his 11th standard when he first started teaching tutoring. Due to financial constraints at home, he had to collect his school fees by teaching tuitions to the children. In the beginning, he started teaching tuition to small children, gradually when the number of children started increasing, then children of different classes also started coming to study from him.

While completing his 12th class from Jodhpur, Nirmal Gehlot used to teach tuition to children in large quantity, but to prepare for government job, he stopped tuition and went to Delhi to study. While preparing for a government job in Delhi, he had to face a lot of difficulty to stay at home and eat because there was not much money coming from home. Gradually, Nirmal started teaching tuitions in Delhi, which would give him some money to live in Delhi. Gradually, when his coaching started going well in Delhi and he found that he got acquainted with the children very quickly and more children started coming to study from him, then he had an idea to start his own coaching institute.

Nirmal Gehlot

When he came to Jodhpur in Rajasthan with this idea, his family members opposed it, the family members wanted Nirmal to prepare for a government job and get appointed in a good government job, but Nirmal Gehlot had recognized his inner potential and he Laid the foundation of Utkarsh Classes. Meanwhile, a campaign of internet started in India where everyone was putting their videos on the internet, in this Nirmal Gehlot started putting videos on YouTube while teaching children in his coaching institute, gradually people started liking him a lot and his The coaching institute started running on a large scale.

Today Nirmal Gehlot has created a website and application of Utkarsh Classes from where he teaches online children and teaches offline children in his coaching institute. Today Utkarsh Classes teaches more than five million children and is known as one of the most popular coaching institutes in India.

When was Utkarsh Institute established? Utkarsh Institute Established

In 2002, when Nirmal Gehlot was preparing for a government job in Delhi, he started Utkarsh Classes with a few students in a small room by taking a loan of ₹ 100000 from someone.

Utkarsh Classes was started on 13 September 2002 on a very small scale. At that time Utkarsh Classes used to prepare for RAS exam only. The children associated with Utkarsh were also able to understand about the basic mantra of being successful in life and many children have also topped the state in various competitions. Till now, the credit of getting thousands of children passed in various competitive examinations is Utkarsh Classes. has taken.

Family of Nirmal Gehlot | Nirmal Gehlot Family

In the family of Nirmal Gehlot, his brother who joins him in this business, his wife and parents come. Nirmal’s father Om Prakash Gehlot worked as a primary school teacher for some time. Nirmal Gehlot’s wife Garuna Gehlot works as a housewife.

father’s nameOm Prakash Gehlot 
Mother’s namedon’t know
wife’s nameGarun Gehlot 
brother’s nameShri Tarun Gehlot 

Nirmal Gehlot net worth

Nirmal Gehlot was very much in discussion because of his charitable nature, he donated ₹ 2100000 to the government in the pandemic of Kovid-19. Apart from this, due to the problem of water in the village where Nirmal Gehlot lived, he had himself built a water house.

Nirmal Gehlot has never disclosed his wealth openly in front of everyone but at present more than 50 lakh children study in Utkarsh classes. Because of which it is being speculated that the wealth of Nirmal Gehlot can be in crores.

Utkarsh Institute Key No

At present, Utkarsh Institute is considered to be the best for the preparation of competition fairs. As we told you Utkarsh classes started from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. At present, Jaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan have the maximum number of 17 Utkarsh Classes Centers.

Apart from this, Utkarsh Institute is present for offline coaching in states like Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. Apart from this, more than 100 Utkarsh Institutes are present offline in India and are also providing education online with the help of website and application. 

Popular Teacher of Utkarsh Institute

By the way, all the teachers of Utkarsh Institute are matchless and it is because of them teachers that Utkarsh Institute is becoming popular so fast. Apart from this, we know Nirmal Gehlot, who is also the founder of Utkarsh Institute, as the teacher of Utkarsh Institute, who is the most popular and the fastest to mix with children. But apart from these there are some other topics which provide interest to the children in their subject – 

  • Nirmal gehlot. DIRECTOR
  • Kumar gaurav sir
  • Umesh sir
  • Narendra choudhary sir

Utkarsh social media links

The social media gender of Utkarsh Institute is given below – 

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FAQ’s Nirmal Gehlot Biography

Q. Who is the founder of Utkarsh Classes?

The founder of Utkarsh Classes is Nirmal Gehlot Sir.

Q. When was Nirmal Gehlot Utkarsh Classes started?

Nirmal Gehlot started Utkarsh Classes in 2002 from a rented house with a few kids, which has now spread to more than 100 cities and has become one of the most prestigious coaching institutes in India.

Q. How did Utkarsh classes become popular?

In Utkarsh Classes, the best way Nirmal Gehlot taught children and they got selected in competitive examinations, gradually Utkarsh Classes became so popular.


Today in this article we have given you information about Nirmal Gehlot Biography. We tried to explain to you in simple words, how Nirmal Gehlot became so popular and how he started his Utkarsh classes by living in a rented house from just ₹ 100000. If after reading this article, you have understood well about Utkarsh Classes as well as got good information about CEO Nirmal Gehlot, then share it with your friends, friends, your suggestions, thoughts or any kind of question, comment Don’t forget to ask.