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Jio message center numbers -If you are using Jio sim and unable to send SMS messages, the problem may bet hat your Jio sms center number may be wrong, see below list of Jio SMS center numbers of all states.

You will learn about Jio Message (SMS) Center Number in today’s article. Occasionally, when we send a message from our phone, the message does not go through. The error message appears at this point. There could be several reasons for this, but the most important is Jio’s message number. This is why the message does not reach the person in front of you and an error occurs. If you have recharged in Jio, it means that your message service has been suspended in Jio.

Jio message center numbers

But don’t worry, Jio will never discontinue this service without your permission. This means that you are the sole owner of the Jio message service. Message service is frequently disrupted due to our errors and mobile tampering. If you are also experiencing issues with Jio Message Service, please read the article carefully. Because I’ll explain how to send messages through Jio again in this article. So, let’s look up the Jio Message Center number for your state.

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List of all Jio message center numbers

Below Jio Message Center numbers are based on state and circle, please go to your mobile message setting and update the correct number as per below.
City Wise Jio SMS Message Center Number
Jio SMS Message Center Number Mumbai +917012075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Hyderabad +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Bangalore +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Chennai +917012075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Delhi +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Kolkata +917010075009

What is Jio Message Center Number – Jio SMSC Message Center Number List All States

When you put a Jio SIM card in your mobile, then the Jio Message Center number is added automatically, but many mobile users tamper with the messaging settings, sot he Jio SMSC Message Center Number from their mobile either gets deleted Or the wrong number gets added, due to which the message is not sent to anyone.

If the message is not being sent to anyone from your mobile, then the reason may be that the Jio SMS Message Center Number has been deleted from your mobile, but you do not need to worry because here we will give you all the state’s Jio SMS. We are telling the center number, which you will be able to send the message again by adding it to your mobile.

List of all Jio message center numbers By State and Division:

Jio SMS Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number असम +917012075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Bihar +917012075009
jio message center number chhattisgarh +917010075009
Jio message center number Delhi +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Number Gujarat +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Haryana +917012075009
Jio SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number Jharkhand +917010075009

Message center number is a number without which you can receive messages but cannot send messages and this number varies from state to state.
Whenever you insert a new SIM card in the mobile, the message center number is automatically.

Jio message center numbers

Jio message center number Madhya Pradesh +917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number Mumbai +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number North East +917012075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Karnataka +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Kerala +917012075009
Jio SMS Message Number Kolkata +97012075009
Jio Message Center Number Orissa +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Punjab +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Rajasthan +917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number Tamil Nadu +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Telangana +917010075009
Jio SMS Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh West +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh East +917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number West Bengal +917010075009

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Jio SMS Center will work over the number for both prepaid and postpaid SIMs ofthe Jio mobile network.

What is Jio SMS Center Number

Jio message centre number is similar to a mobile number, and it varies by state. If you do not have a state-specific Jio Message Center number stored in your phone, you will only be able to receive the message. However, in order to send the message, you must first save the state-specific Jio Message Center number in your phone. If the message centre number is not deleted or the state wise number is not saved for some reason, save the message centre number as your state wise number. Only then will you be able to send messages from Jio.

How to add jio message center number in mobile?

Adding message center number in mobile is very simple, we are telling you a very simple method, you can update SMS center number in your mobile by dialing ussd code.

How to add Jio SMS center number to your mobile

jio message center number
  • To add Jio Message Center number, first open the message.
  • Then go to Message Settings .
  • Click on Advanced Settings .
  • Click on SMS Service Center Number .
  • Select the SIM in which you want to add the message center number.
  • Here you have to enter the number in which state you live.
  • After entering Jio SMS Center Number , save it.
  • You have added the state wise message center number in Jio. Now you can send messages from Jio.
how to find jio message center number

By the way, by adding the message center number, the Jio message service will be started. But if it does not happen, then save it by typing 1234 in place of SMS Service Center Number , if there are blanks there. After that restart the mobile. Apart from this, this method will work only in Android mobile.

Reasons for not receiving messages from Jio

  1. Not having balance
  2. No SMS pack.
  3. Validity expires.
  4. Delete SMS center number.

How to see Jio offer – New way to see Jio recharge offer

  1. Tap on the Dialpad icon from your Home screen.
  2. Now type ##4636##.
  3. After that a page will open, tap on phone information in it.
  4. Then type your message center number in the SMSC option below.
  5. Then tap on update, your message center number will be added.


I hope, now you will be able to send message through Jio Message Center Number . If you still have any kind of question related to Jio Message in your mind, then you can ask in the comment section. Do tell about how you liked today’s information. Apart from this, do not forget to share the article with friends.