Best Gaming Description For YouTube Channel 2021

You might hear that a good description can make your channel as well as better than other creators on YouTube. So today in this article, I will show you the How to write best gaming description for your YouTube Channel method or the steps we should use to make our giving description more effortless to the readers and rank your particular video or live stream in the YouTube search. The steps of very simple we will give you some of the steps you are to follow and make your particular video description more SEO friendly. So without making any feather delay let’s start.

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What is best gaming description for youtube channel

After Google YouTube is the second largest search engine on this planet.

YouTube is any video sharing platform as we all know but the mean of the description in a particular video is a purpose to help the viewers to know about what is the video about if someone to search that how to make coffee on YouTube if any creative make the video about how to make coffee then we need to mention that what is his videos about so they mentioned the Video topic in the descriptions so by this the YouTube algorithm matters that this video is about how to make coffee ok so then the viewers can get the best result on the search.

The creator can also mention his social media account in the description so the viewers get connected to the creator’s other social media platforms.

In simple words, we can say that the YouTube description is made for the viewers to understand what is the topic of the particular video.

Steps for the best gaming description for youtube channel

The steps of writing of best description for your YouTube channel will be in around 5 parts.

1. Write about your gaming video’s topic.

The first part of writing the Giving description for the YouTube channel is that tell you are beavers that what is the topic of the video and why you made this video and how it is helpful to them.

For example, we can take a video title like best monitor for $100 so in the description, I need to mention that in this video I am going to tell about the best monitor for hundred dollars so why this your first step gets completed it’s a very simple just tell about what is your topic of the video.If you put the title in the description of your YouTube video then this is a good factor for SEO purposes.

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2. Add time stamps or chapters in description for youtube channel gaming video.

Recently YouTube add a feature of chapters in which if you add timestamp in the video description of a YouTube channel then YouTube make them in chapters as you can see in the the below photo.

gaming description for youtube channel
Seen by viewer, source : Trakin Tech on YouTube
gaming description for youtube channel
Timestamp in Description, Source : Trakin Tech on YouTube

On the above images you can see that how YouTubers put to timestamp and by this then gives a better user experience on their YouTube channel this helps a lot.

If you add timestamp on your YouTube channel video this increase the better User experience by this chance of getting the channel’s subscriber will increase.

Although a drawback will also arise because of this the watch time will get decrease. Because of this viewers will directly watch the main content instead of the whole video.

3. Add your recent video or a Playlist link on the description for the youtube channel

You can add links to your recent YouTube channel video or a playlist on YouTube Channel Video.

Why this chance of getting more views will increase on YouTube channel this also has to make your description fulfilled.

You should tell about your recent videos in the video so that chance of getting clicked will increase. This also increases the chance of getting more subscribers for free.
You should do link building of a particular topic so then this link adding will help you a lot.

Add Social Media handles

In the YouTube description you can use the one more feature which is that you can add your social media accounts on the description by that you are social media accounts follower also increase.

And this and the viewers can be your permanent member to watcher content and if you add the more value in the social medias then the subscribers weight will increase automatically so try to new attention on the social media handles in the video.

If you get a lot of members then there is a chance of getting your ID verified by Instagram Facebook Twitter and union Telegram also.

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Add Magnet leads in description

There is a one more and the last feature Magnet Lead by which you can increase your subscribers and followers on social media and also by magnet leads you need to giveaway something on YouTube channel by the use of the for the giveaways.

Buy this magnet lead. You can to giveaways of products and the eBooks some type of software which are trending and paid.

So you need to provide them free to the public many YouTubers like Mr. beast and other YouTubers use this giveaway trick and increase their followers on Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

Description For YouTube Channel

Now we’ll talk about the description which we need to set up for our YouTube channel by this we can target on a particular niche this helps a lot in terms of SEO of the video.

The writing of the best gaming description for your youtube channel is not a rocket science it is very easy you just need to tell the Weavers that what is your Channel about or what is your niche.

You can set up the channel description in the studio of YouTube from this panel we can manage the whole channel videos monetization earning and all think at one place you can reach this studio at

Steps for setup the channel description

Step 1. Go to Your Channel and click on Customize Channel.
Step 2. Now you are in YT Creator Studio from here click on “Basic info”
Step 3. Add the Description on Description Box.
Step 4. Click on Publish

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So the query of best gaming description for youtube channel

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