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Hello do you know what is the full form of SLC? If not, then definitely read this article completely.

If for some reason you want to take admission from one school to another. You need a Transfer Certificate, also known as TC, to take admission in another school. The full form of TC is Transfer Certificate.

Transfer certificate is issued by your current school, through which the school in which you want admission, they can know up to which class you have completed your studies. After that admission is given in the next class in the new school.

full form of SLC

Students need school leaving certificate for admission in new school. Whenever a student shifts his home from one city to another city or a parent changes his/her place of job, then in such a case, the school leaving certificate is required for the children. The school leaving certificate application form has to be submitted to the current school, after which the school principal gives the school leaving certificate to the student under his signature and seal. You have to submit this school leaving certificate in your new school, then you get admission in the new school. 

But how to write School Leaving Certificate Application? Students have less knowledge about it. That’s why Careers India Hindi has brought you the draft of School Leaving Certificate Application Form, With the help of which you can easily write School Leaving Certificate Application. So let us know what is the format of writing school leaving certificate application?

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So you have come to the right place because here we are going to provide detailed information about what is SLC and its full form.

What is SLC?

SLC is a certificate which is given to the students after leaving the school i.e. if you study in school named A.


And now you want to enroll yourself in school named B, then school named A will give you SLC for that, after which you will be able to use it to enroll in any other schools.


SLC Full Form – What is the full form of SLC?

The full name of SLC is – School Leaving Certificate , which in Hindi is called School Leaving Certificate or School Leaving Certificate .

Which is given by the school to that student, whose work is done while enrolling in a college.

full form of SLC

However, apart from this, there are many other full forms of SLC, which come from different categories, they are given in this way.

What are the other full forms of SLC?

Full Name:in Category:
Space Launch ComplexSpace Science
Student Leadership CouncilUniversities and Institutions
Single-Level CellComputing, Data Storage
Sarah Lawrence CollegeEducational Institute
System Leadership CouncilUniversities and Institutions
Single Line ConceptMilitary and Defense
Sri Lanka CricketSports
Student Learning CenterCommunity

Format for Application for Transfer Certificate (TC)

  • If you want to apply for TC certificate, then include the following topics, such as-
  • dated
  • Subject
  • greetings
  • sender’s address
  • receiver’s address
  • The body mentioning the reasons behind issuing the certificate
  • complimentary close

For transfer certificate letter application, you should apply to the headmaster of the school by including the above mentioned topics.

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Application Form Template #1

To , The Principal
Bal Bharti Sarvodaya Vidyalaya,
New Delhi 110017

Subject: School Leaving Certificate regarding

Respected sir,

Sir my name is rajkumar singh i am student of class 8th b. This year I passed class 7th and came in 8th. My father has been transferred to Rajasthan, due to which I have to do my further studies from there. Have applied for new school admission, for which we have to submit school leaving certificate there. So we need School Leaving Certificate. I request you to kindly provide me the school leaving certificate at the earliest. I have mentioned my complete details below.

Class : 8th
Section : B
Roll No : 45
Father Name : Sanjay Singh
Mother Name : Suman Rani
Address : E-193, Madangir, New Delhi 110062
Phone Number : 9898202020
Date : 9 Aug 2021

Thank you
Your obedient disciple
Rajkumar Singh (Signature)


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