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Hello friends, today in this post I am telling about how to freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp, so stay tuned till the end of this post, after that you too will definitely be able to freeze your Last Seen in Whatsapp.

There are many options available in Whatsapp to protect our privacy using Whatsapp, using which we can also protect our privacy in Whatsapp .

Last Seen is very important in Whatsapp, by checking Last Seen, we can find out that when the person was running Whatsapp and accordingly we can either message them or wait for them to come online.

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When we use Whatsapp and after that when we go out of Whatsapp or whenever we close Whatsapp, then other Whatsapp users see our Last Seen, seeing which Whatsapp users can easily find out how long we have Whatsapp is used.

There are three options available to hide Last Seen in Whatsapp, with the help of which we can show our Last Seen to everyone, or we can show our contact number or we can not show it to anyone, with the help of this we can easily decide Can do that to whom we want to show our Last Seen or do not want to show it to anyone.

If you are FM Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp user then you get all the features of Whatsapp here as well as some extra features using which you can freeze your Last Seen.

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen – Quick Guide

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on Menu Button. And then tap on Settings .
  • Now select on Account Settings .
  • Tap on Account Privacy .
  • And now by tapping on Last seen . Save the last seen by selecting Nobody .

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen?

Step: #1

First of all launch your WhatsApp. Lightly tap on its icon to launch it.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step: #2

Now tap on Menu ⋮ and tap on Settings .

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step: #3

Now tap on Account Settings .

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step: #4

After this tap on Account Privacy .

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step: #5

Now the Privacy Settings of WhatsApp Account will open in front of you. From here you have to tap on Last seen .

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step: #6

Now you will get the following options related to Last seen .

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen
  • Everyone – If you want to show your status to everyone, then select this option.
  • My contacts – If you want to show only your Contacts then select this option.
  • Nobody – And if you want to Hide Last Seen Status then select this option.

Hide|Freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp

As we freeze Last Seen in GB Whatsapp or turn on this option Freeze Last Seen, then whatever time is at that time becomes our Last Seen and even after that if we run Whatsapp again and again in Whatsapp Even when we are online, no one can see that we are online or we were online just now. Our old Last Seen becomes our Last Seen when we freeze the Last Seen.

If someone bothers you a lot about Last Seen, your family member, boyfriend girlfriend, then you can freeze your Whatsapp Last Seen by using this Last Seen Freeze option of GB Whatsapp so that no one will be able to know that you are You can show when you were online whenever you want to show Last Seen.

How to Freeze | hide Last Seen in GB Whatsapp –

If you use GB Whatsapp and if you want to freeze your Last Seen, then for that follow all the following steps properly, after that you will also be able to Freeze your Last Seen.

1. First of all you open GB Whatsapp in your mobile.

2. After GB Whatsapp is opened, now you will see three lines on the top right side which is called menu, then you click on that three line means menu.

Freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp

3. After clicking on the menu, now you will see many options here, then click on GBSettings here.

Freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp

4. After coming to GBSettings then you click on Privacy And Security here.

Freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp

5. Now you will see this option Freeze Last Seen here, then you turn on this option.

Freeze Last Seen in Whatsapp

6. As soon as you turn on this option Freeze Last Seen, your Last Seen will be free, whatever time is happening now, your Last Seen will be visible.

7. If you have freezed your Last Seen and you want to remove it and want to show your real Last Seen, then you have to turn off the Freeze Last Seen option in this setting, after that your real Last Seen will be will start appearing.

8. Now we have successfully frozen our Last Seen in GB Whatsapp.

In this way you can also freeze your Last Seen and whenever you need to freeze Last Seen, you can freeze your Last Seen using this trick and share your real life with your family member or your girlfriend boyfriend. Can hide Last Seen.

I hope you will like this post and must have got to learn something new, friends, if you like this post, then do share it with your friends, I will meet you in the next post,