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Eknath Shinde Mobile Number – For the past few days, you must have heard the name of Eknath Shinde on every news channel. He is the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra State . Sworn in as the 30th Chief Minister of Maharashtra State. 

Eknath Shinde mobile number

Today the world of internet has changed not only the industry but also the politician, a great example of this is that today every politician wants to connect directly with the people of his state and is adopting different methods for this, in which the name of Eknath Shinde Taking forward this campaign, we will give information about Eknath Shinde’s mobile number ( Eknath Shindhe Contact Number ) today so that you can get a solution to your problem by directly contacting the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. 

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He was earlier serving as the Minister of Urban Development and Public Works in the state of Maharashtra. He proved his reputation by showing that when the prominent leader of Shiv Sena and former Chief Minister suddenly decided to resign his post, Eknath Shinde took the task of handling the state with great dignity, due to which he was Now Eknath Shinde’s mobile number should be known to every citizen living in the state of Maharashtra so that if any office is not functioning properly, they can be directly complained to the Chief Minister. 

Eknath Shinde Biography | Eknath Shinde Biography

Eknath Shinde , the former Urban Development and Public Works Minister of Maharashtra state and the current Chief Minister , does not need any introduction. As a passionate Chief Minister, he is watching with hope.

He was a member of the Legislative Assembly from the Thane assembly constituency of Maharashtra before coming to the post of Chief Minister and High Minister of the government, he was popular in Maharashtra and the image is recognized by this that he has won the Thane assembly elections four times in a row.

But if light is thrown on his past life, then he was born on 9 February 1964 in a small village in Maharashtra, the family was financially weak, due to this he was able to study only till 11th standard, after that he started the work of rickshaw driving. But he had to do something big in life, because of this he decided to enter politics and at the young age of 18, he started working with Shiv Sena.

Eknath Shinde Early Life

He first contested the election of Nagar Nigam Sadan in which he lost and after that in 2001 he won this election and made himself a close member of Shiv Sena family, after that in 2004 he was given ticket to contest election from Shiv Sena party and He won the election in Thane and made himself as an MLA, after that he saw many heights in politics and today we know him as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

In the eyes of the people of Maharashtra, he is a hardworking, passionate and optimistic Chief Minister from a relationship, from whom people have high hopes, suddenly he has handled the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra very well in difficult circumstances. Because of which people are hopeful that in the coming time they will keep the dignity of this post and will take the state of Maharashtra to new heights.

Political career of Eknath Shinde

As we told you that Eknath Shinde belongs to a very poor family, even after this he brought himself into politics in a very good way and by joining Shiv Sena party in a very diligent way, he has worked as MLA. Sitting himself on the post and seeing different ups and downs in politics, if we talk about Eknath Shinde’s political career, then we will say that first of all he started his political career in the Municipal Corporation House in 1997. But he learned from that defeat and till date presented himself in front of everyone as one of the best politicians in his political career.

Political career of Eknath Shinde

For about 2 years, he worked with Shiv Sena, after which he contested for the first time in 1997, but he was defeated in this election, after which he contested again in 2001 and won in it. When Raj Thackeray left the Shiv Sena party, his close friends started growing with the Shiv Sena family. Gradually, in 2004, the Shiv Sena party gave him a ticket to contest the election of MLA from Thane, as a result he won that election. Since then he has won the post of MLA of Thane for four consecutive terms and then served as the Minister of Urban Development in Maharashtra and finally as the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra we know Eknath Shinde.

how to contact eknath shinde

If after reading the information given above, you want to connect with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde and want to talk directly to the Chief Minister about your problem, then the detailed information about it is given below – 

Eknath Shinde Social Media Detail | Social Media Detail

Today, social media is a great option to connect with any person, you can easily reach any of your problems directly to the person using various social media platforms and if you want to connect with the social media of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. If yes, then read the information given below carefully – 

  • Instagram Page – instagrm.com/drshrikantshinde/ 
  • Facebook Page – facebook.com/DrShrikantEknathShinde
  • Youtube Channel – youtube.com/channel/UC8XVqh-Qp8GJnRq1tB60lLg
  • Twitter Handle – twitter.com/DrSEShinde

Eknath Shinde Contact Number ( Eknath Shinde Mobile Number )

You can directly contact the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde and share your information with him, when you have direct contact with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, you will be able to get immediate solution to your problem, about which information is given below. – 

  • Mobile Number – +91 9867112820, 9013869272
  • Telephone Number – (022)25813758, (011) 23061719

Eknath Shinde Address |

If you want to get in touch with Eknath Shinde or Chief Minister of Maharashtra, then you can also go to his address, about which detailed information is given below and all his office home addresses are given – 

  • Residence Address – 101, Shiv Shakti Bhavan, Kisan Nagar-2, Wagle Estate, Thane(w)=400604, Maharashtra
  • Current Address – 31, Meena Bagh, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi-110011

what is Eknath Shinde Mobile Number -Conclusion

In today’s article we tried to tell you what is Eknath Shinde Mobile Number and what is Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Contact Number, how you can contact with him and directly talk to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra about your problem and his If you act in the right way on the basis of the information given above, then your problem will be solved immediately and you will be given the right kind of help by the Chief Minister.

If after reading this article you have got the right information about Eknath Shinde Mobile Number , then share it with your friends and do not forget to ask your suggestions, thoughts or any kind of questions in the comments.