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Often you must have seen DND short word on the internet, but do you know, what is DND , or what is the full form of DND?

If not, then definitely read this article completely, because here we are going to give complete information about DND.

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As you may know, DND is a short form, which you must have heard or seen somewhere, keeping that in mind, we are going to explain the complete information about DND in detail.

DND Full Form

Full form of DND – Do Not Disturb Hota Hai, which in Hindi is called as Do Not Disturb .

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This service was brought by TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ), with the help of which people will be able to stop unwanted messages and calls coming on their mobile numbers.

What is DND?

As we mentioned above, the full name of DND is Do Not Disturb, by turning on which you can stop all types of promotional calls and SMS coming to your number.

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Apart from Do Not Disturb , there are other full names of DND, which we have shown below, so that you can get information about that too.

  • Dynamic Network Design
  • Department of National Defense
  • Do Not Duplicate
  • Drag N Drop
  • Do Not Delete

What is DND? (What is DND in Hindi?)

Nowadays everyone definitely uses the phone, whether it is small or big and your phone must have a SIM card of some or the other company, in which unwanted calls or messages from some or the other company must be coming on your mobile SIM. Sometimes these calls or messages bother us so much that we do not even know much about the methods to start these services. First of all, this service is called DND but now it has been changed to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register).

Nowadays every company wants to do marketing in many ways to promote its product. One of these marketing methods is to inform the customer by calling or sending messages related to your product. This method is used by every company nowadays. These unwanted incoming messages and calls sometimes become a cause of trouble for us. Therefore, if you also get bothered by unwanted calls or messages from the company, then we are giving you complete information about DND service, so that you can stop unwanted calls or messages of all operating companies in your phone through DND. Is.

Do you know, you can also get rid of these messages and calls. Or in other words, you can activate DND service in your phone so that these unwanted messages and calls do not come in your phone in future. Operators of almost all telecom companies provide DND service. Apart from all these, DND mode is also available in your phone, but what is the use of this mode,

Very few people get to know this. You can also use DND easily. Today, along with telling you the full-form of DND, we will also tell you how it works. and how you can take advantage of it. By activating DND service, any person can get rid of unwanted calls or messages coming in his phone.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has prepared a setup for all telecom operators, under which you have to send a message and the facility of DND service is started on your number and you will get unwanted messages and calls from the companies. They almost shut down. 

How to start DND service? (How to start DND service in Hindi?)

It is a mobile service launched by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which is recognized by all telecom companies. With the help of this service, you can easily block unwanted calls or messages from those companies, which bother you again and again. When you activate the DND service in your phone, then it does not send promotional and advertising messages from any company to your phone. If you are also looking to start DND service

So for this you have to type STOP 0 and send it to 1909. This message is absolutely free and no money is deducted from you for sending it. This message can be sent from any Indian operator and after coming 7 days this DND service is activated in your phone. When you activate DND, TRAI sends your number to the concerned promotional company to register it so that the company cannot make any promotional messages or calls on your DND activated number in future and you do not face any problem.

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And even after this, if you receive a message or call even after 1 month, you can also register a complaint by calling or texting 1909. 

If the company does not give clarification to TRAI even after your complaint is registered, then in this situation the company will pay you Rs.25,000 thousand. May be fined up to Rs.

DND Mode settings are also available in your phone, the use of which is not known to many people, or rather, very few people know this service.

After starting the do not disturb mode available in the phone, a moon-like sign will appear in your phone, and your calls and messages will be silent.

You cannot get rid of promotional messages or calls by starting the DND Mode of the phone setting, for that you will have to do the process mentioned above.

To prevent any service provider from tampering with it, you will have the same set of instructions for registration. You can also activate the service of DND by calling 1909 or by messaging on 1909. These messages are uniformly available for all mobile network operators like- Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, TATA Docomo, Reliance Jio etc.

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By activating DND Mode in your phone, you can edit videos, watch videos or do other important work without any interruption.

Apart from all this, you can also customize the silent mode of your phone, that is, if you want, it can be set according to office time or working time. In this way your mobile will be silent for the set time. 

DND Kaise Activate Kare – How to turn on dnd on mobile number

There are many options to activate dnd for any mobile number, with the help of which you can start do not disturb service on that number.

Here I will tell only those methods which are very simple and any common user can do them easily.

The two methods mentioned below to activate dnd are applicable to all telecom operators like airtel, VI, Jio, that means with their help you can activate dnd on any sim.

Enable DND by SMS

Step by step method to enable dnd by sending SMS for any sim:

  1. Go to Message or message and click on new message
  2. Type  ‘ STOP 0 ‘ in the message box and  send it to 1909 .
  3. Now DND will be activated on the mobile number within seven days.

On sending this message, full DND will be on, that means no unnecessary alerts/messages/calls will come.

If you want to start partial DND instead of full DND on the mobile number, then after START in the message, instead of 0, write any number from one to seven. Here’s what the numbers 1 through 7 mean:

  • Banking, insurance and financial related calls and SMS will stop from START 1.
  • Real estate from START 2
  • Education and study promotional from START 3
  • START 4 से Health
  • Automobile from START 5
  • Communication and Entertainment from START 6
  • From START 7, travel related messages and calls will stop.

How to deactivate DND service? (How to deactivate DND service?)

Just like the way DND service can be activated, in the same way, if you want to re-activate the service of marketing company or any other company in the future, then for that also you have to send it by typing “STOP” in your message box. Send it to 1909 number or you can also deactivate DND service by calling 1909. 

We hope that you have liked this writing of ours, you have got the full form answer of your question DND.


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