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IPS Divya Tanwar Age,Biography || Poor mother made daughter Divya Tanwar IPS by doing wages 

Biography of Divya Tanwar Rajput (Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Family, Mother, Father, Sister- Brother, Age, Education, Caste, Career)  

Divya Tanwar , a resident of Nimbi village in Mahendragarh district of Haryana, hadso much courage at a young age – to become an IPS. She became an IPS by securing 438th rank in UPSC in her first attempt.

Divya Tanwar Biography |ips divya tanwar age

Divya Tanwar, a resident of Haryana, was born in 1996-1999. His father’s name is Bharat Singh. He died in the year 2011 due to heart attack. Mother’s name is Babita Devi. Who runs the household expenses by doing wages. Divya Tanwar has two brothers and a sister. Divya Tanwar has no place to live in a small room 8 by 8 at her home without any coaching.. She has become an IPS by securing 438th rank in UPSC in her first attempt…

Divya Tanwar

Name  Divya Tanwar

Date of Birth 1996 – 1999

Place of Birth Nimbi, Mahendragarh district, Haryana

Age 23 – 26 years 

Religion _Hindu

caste Rajput 

Hobby Ghoomar Dance and Singing

Mother Babita Devi 

Father Bharat Singh  

Brother  Don’t know 

Sister _Don’t know 

graduation B.Sc  (PCM)Schooling  Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya

College Govt. PG College

service allocation IPS

Education Medium Not Medium 

Work experience Teaching 

Optional Subject  Hindi literature

Physical Status

 Height _ 5 feet, 6 inches

 Weight 54 KG 

Hair Color  black

Eye  Color  brown

IPS Divya Tanwar Qualification (IPS Divya Tanwar Qualification) 

Divya Tanwar took admission in Nayodaya in 5th class. Maths in 12th, then B.Sc. Divya Tanwar used to give tuition to children for UPSC fees.

IPS Divya Tanwar Optional Subject (IPS Divya Tanwar Optional Subject)

Hindi literature – (Hindi literature)Divya Tanwar Rajput has secured 930 marks out of 2025 in UPSC main examination in 2021. Out of which 751 marks are included in written examination and 179 marks in interview, her optional subject is  Hindi   literature.

Divya Tanwar Rajput Biography in Hindi ||  UPSC 2022 (IPS)

Divya Tanwar Book List | y7jylkcbeem -site:youtube.com

NCERT – (from 6th to 12th)
 History of Modern India –                  Spectrum
 Polity of India –                         Laxmikant
 Indian Economy –                            Ramesh Singh
 Geography –                                            G C Leong
 Ancient Past of India –                Ram Sharan Sharma
 Medieval India –                             Bipin Chandra
 CSAT –                                       Arihant Publications
 Ethics, Integrity and Competence –        Lexicon
 Politics –                                            Laxmikant
Economy –                                         Ramesh Singh
 India and World Geography
 pax indica
 Internal Security and Disaster Management
 social problems in india
 India’s struggle for independence
 India after Gandhiji
 Brief History of Modern India
 Essay – 151 Essay
 10 Years IAS Prelims Papers
 national security of india

Marksheet of Divya Tanwar (IPS Divya Tanwar Marksheet) | ips divya tanwar age

Prelims Marksheet

 Paper-1 81.68
 Paper-2 68.92
 total marks 150.60

Final Marksheet

 General Studies Paper-1 193/ 250
 General Studies Paper-2 100/250
 General Studies Paper-3 81/250
 General Studies Paper-4 83/250
 general studies cool number 357/1000
 Hindi Literature-1 145/250
 Hindi Literature-2 127/250
 Essay 122/250
 optional subject 272/500
 written cool number 751/1750
Interview 179/275
cool 930/2025

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Success Stories UPSC: Candidates work hard day and night to clear the UPSC exam, but you must know how many get success. Today we are telling you the success story of a candidate who cleared UPSC in the first attempt and became an IPS officer. 

Divya from Mahendragarh, Haryana is the eldest of her siblings and lives with her mother and two younger siblings. She comes from a very simple family and this was her first attempt in the Civil Services Examination. In her first attempt itself, Divya got the post of IPS (IPS Divya Tanwar). Divya’s age was very young when her father’s shadow was raised from her head, since then her mother worked as a laborer in other’s fields and ran her house and brought up her children.

Graduated from Government PG College,

Divya did her primary education from Manu School in Nimbi district and later passed the examination and enrolled in Navodaya Vidyalaya. He has done his graduation in B.Sc from Government PG College. Divya often used to teach children too. He believes that there is more role of hard work than luck in passing the exam. If someone is determined to do this, then he achieves it on the basis of hard work.

Studying for 10 hours daily

Divya’s house is very small but she prepared by staying there. He did not take any coaching for preparation and achieved his goal with the help of self-study. If it was about her studies, she used to study for 10 hours daily and never went out of the house. Eating, studying and sleeping, this was his preparation schedule. Divya gives the credit of her success to her mother who always held her daughter’s hand and never let her feel the absence of a father. Her mother herself worked as a laborer but did not let any problem arise in Divya’s preparation.

FAQ’s -ips divya tanwar age

Q.1 Who is Divya Tanwar? 

Ans . Divya Tanwar is an IPS officer who has secured 438th rank in 2021 UPSC.

Q.2 How old is Divya Tanwar? 

Ans. Divya Tanwar is 23 – 26 years old 

.Q.3 What is Divya Tanwar UPSC rank?

Ans. 438th rank is UPSC.

Q.4 What was the optional subject of Divya Tanwar?

Ans –   Hindi literature

Q.5. What is her Youtube Channel?

Ans- y7jylkcbeem -site:youtube.com