Difference between lose and loss


Lose and loss is English words that are terribly confusing for people who are attempting to find out the language. This can be as a result of they seem to be similar and even have somewhat connected meanings. To compound the misery of the scholars, there are loose and lost that happiness to the cluster of connected words. This text takes a more in-depth check out lose and loss to return up with their variations in an exceedingly bid to alter readers to settle on the correct word whereas writing or speaking English.

Comparison between lose and loss in tabular form

comparison lose loss
definition Lose is to be empty one thing or to stop having one thing. Loss is that the reality or method of losing one thing or somebody.
form Lose may be a verb (present tense) Loss is associate degree adjective.
Word origins Lose springs from ‘losian’ which means pass or destruct. Loss springs from ‘los’ which means destruction.

What is meaning of lose:

Lose could be a verb that’s utilized in the current tense and refers to the act of obtaining eliminate one thing deliberately or accidentally. The explanation why individuals confuse with lose is due to the actual fact that it’s pronounced as LOOZ that rhymes well with loose. currently loose as we have a tendency to all understand is associate degree adjective and refers to a condition wherever one thing is free and not fastened or pledged as in loose shoes, loose garments, and so on. Lose must be used as a verb continually and its tense changes to lost once talking within the past. Take a glance at the subsequent sentences to grasp the means and use of lose in West Germanic.

  • Keep your billfold fastidiously otherwise you can behave.

What is meaning of Loss:

Loss could be a noun that indicates the event or state of affairs of impairment, deprivation, or defeat and failure. One must bear the loss of associate degree object or a person’s being though’ there’s conjointly loss of name or status. This can be why we have a tendency to speak in terms of loss of life due to drunk driving and loss of profit once doing business. Death continually signifies loss as we have a tendency to mourn the effort of a private from our inside for continually.

Loss is generally utilized in money context, and that we remark profit and loss accounts of corporations and therefore the loss of investors at the share markets. Gain or profit is that the antonyms of loss, therefore you’re at a loss after you don’t seem to be gaining. Any act or instance that signifies deprivation instead of profit could be a loss. Take a glance at the subsequent sentences to grasp the way to use loss in West Germanic.

  • It had been a stunning loss for the fans of the team.

Main difference between lose and loss:

  • Loss could be a noun whereas lose could be a verb.
  • Lose creates confusion due to its pronunciation that’s LOOZ.
  • Lose could be a verb within the present and its past is lost.
  • Lose is associate degree act; loss is associate degree instance.
  • You lose one thing whereas you suffer the loss.