Biography of Cyrus Mistry Former Tata Son’s Aggressive Chairman


If we talk about India’s biggest company, then the name of Tata company comes first in our mind. India’s biggest most reliable and most trusted company is Tata. Let us tell you that Cyrus Mistry , chairman of Tata Company, has passed away. Cyrus Mistry was born on 4 July 1966. He was an Irish entrepreneur who served as the chief chairman of the Tata Group from 2012 to 2016 . 

Cyrus, the former chairman of Tata Sons, met with a road accident on 4 September 2022 while going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and died. This news has completely shocked the country. He was working as the chairman of the country’s most popular and biggest company. Today in this article the life introduction of Cyrus Mistry(Cyrus Mistry Biography ) is being presented to you in simple words so that you can understand about the future person associated with Tata company. 

Cyrus Mistry’s roots are from India but his mother was from Ireland after which his father took Irish citizenship and because of this he was an Irish citizen. His father Shapoorji Pallonji belonged to a business group. We are going to present the life introduction of Cyrus Mistry in front of you so that you can understand about this wonderful person of Tata Sons.

Cyrus Mystry Biography

NameCyrus Mistry
StateMumbai, Maharashtra
date of birth4 July 1966
birth placeMumbai, Maharashtra 
CountryIreland (was an Arish citizen)
WorkFormer Director and Chairman of Tata Group
death4 September 2022
cause of deathIn a road accident while going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai

Who was Cyrus Mistry?

Cyrus Mistry was the former chairman of Tata Sons. Wah was a director of Tata Power Limited, and was also the executive manager of a company called Convergence Media Private Limited. He joined the board of the Tata company while serving as the Director of Tata Power and the Vice Chairman of Tata Sons till 2006. 

After this, in view of his work, in 2011 he was made the Vice-Chairman of Tata Sons Group. He resigned from the Shapoorji Pallonji Group when he joined the Tata Group as a board member and served as a vice-chairman. After this, in 2012, he also became the chairman of Tata Power Limited and Indian Hotels Company Limited.

Early Biography of Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry was born on 4 July 1966 in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra state. His parents belonged to a Parsi family and his father was the chairman of Shahpurji Palunji Business Group. Although Mistry’s mother was born in Ireland, because of this his father took Irish citizenship. And thus his family became an Irish family. The Mistry lived in India but had Irish citizenship.

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Cyrus Mistry’s elder brother Shahpur Mistry lives in Ireland and runs his business there. Shahpur Mistry is married to Behroj Sethna, daughter of Rusi Sethna, a prominent lawyer in Mumbai. Cyrus Mistry has two sisters who are married to big businessmen of London.

When his grandfather started the Shahpur Palunji business group, he bought the shares of the Tata Group. By 2006, he had become one of the largest shareholders of the Tata Group, gradually buying out Sher. After that his father was given a higher position in Tata Group. Later in 2012, he joined the board member of Tata Group. In 2011, Saras and his father were among the largest shareholders of the Tata Group. However, apart from Tata Group, Cyrus Mistry had also been the director and chairman of different types of business.

Cyrus Mystry Education

Cyrus Mistry completed his early education from the Cathedral School in Mumbai. After completing his early education, he obtained an engineering degree from Imperial College, London. Later, his interest was greater in the field of business, due to which he chose the London School of Business to pursue a master’s degree in business. She also earned her bachelor’s degree in commerce in Mumbai before moving to London.

Cyrus Mystry

In simple words, Saras Mistry was a very well-educated businessman. He completed his early education from Cathedral School in Mumbai and earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai, followed by engineering from Imperial College, London and Masters from Business School in London. Got the degree.

Cyrus Mistry’s family

Saras Mistry’s family has started from India, but at present his relative is a famous businessman of London and a famous businessman of Ireland. In his family, his mother was from Ireland, after which his father took Irish citizenship and his entire family became Irish. After this, his elder brother Shahpur Mistry in his family, in whose name his father started the Shahpur Pallonji business group. After this, he has two sisters Laila and Aalo in his family. His elder sister Laila is married to Rustam Jehangir, who runs a Portfolio Management Company in London.

Apart from this, Saras Mistry is married to an Indian woman and has two sons.

father’s namePallonji Mistry
Mother’s namePatsy Perrin Dubas
brother’s nameShahpur Mistry 
sister nameLaila Mistry and Aalo Mistry
wife’s nameRohika Chagla 
baby nameFiroz Mistry and Jahan Mistry

Contribution of Cyrus Mistry to Tata Group

  • Cyrus Mistry’s father was also a member of the board of Tata Group. There his son first got the opportunity to serve as a director in Tata Elxsi Limited from 1990 to 2009.
  • In the meantime, he also started working as the director of Tata Power Limited but in 2006 he removed himself from the post of director of Tata Power Limited.
  • Looking at the work of Cyrus Mistry that he had worked well as the director of the Tata Group as well as the Shapoorji Pallonji business group, due to which he was included as the chairman and director in different Tata groups.
  • Meanwhile, in 2011, he became the Vice President of the Tata Group and Shapoorji Pallonji resigned from the business group.
  • He then served as director and chairman of various Tata companies such as Tata Sons, Tata Power Limited, Tata Chemical and Tata Consultancy Services. 
  • Although it came into controversy in 2016 that Cyrus had no idea to group the Tata company, he was only becoming the chairman or director of the Tata company that could lead the Shapoorji Pallonji business group companies.
  • After this, he was removed from the chairmanship of Tata Group of companies in 2016 and Ratan Tata was elected as the interim chairman of Tata Group. 

Achievements of Cyrus Mystry

Saras Mistry served as director and chairman in various companies of the Tata Group. His grandfather bought the Tata company’s stock and his father bought this stock so well that by 2006 his father was among some of the topmost shareholders of the Tata company. He then inducted his son Saras Mistry as director and chairman in various Tata group companies. In this way, Cyrus Mistry used to act as a director in many companies of the Tata company, but due to some controversies in 2016, he was removed from the post of director or chairman in the companies coming in the Tata Group.

Cyrus Mystry
  • Among the major achievements of Cyrus Mistry is that he first served as the director of Tata XL Limited Company from 2090 to 2009.
  • In 2006, took over as the Chairman of Tata Power Limited and took Tata Power Limited to new heights.
  • As of 2011, Cyrus Mistry was a director of Tata Sons, Tata Power Limited, a Tata consultancy and a Tata company. After that, from 2011 to 2016, Cyrus Mistry was responsible for the best ups and downs in the Tata company, which took the company to new heights. 

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FAQ’s Cyrus Mystry Biography

Q. Who was Cyrus Mistry?

Cyrus Mistry was a former chairman of various companies that joined the Tata Group, primarily serving as director and chairman of Tata Sons Tata Power Ltd and Tata Consultancy from 2011 to 2016.

Q. Where was Cyrus Mistry from?

Cyrus Mistry’s family has its roots in India but Cyrus Mistry’s mother was from Ireland and his father acquired Irish citizenship, due to which he was an Irish citizen.

Q. Where was Cyrus Mistry born?

Cyrus Mistry was born on 4 July 1966 in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Q. How did Tata Group Director Cyrus Mistry die?

Cyrus Mistry, former director and chairman of Tata Group, died on 4 September 2022 in a road accident while traveling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.


Today in this article we have explained Cyrus Mystry Biography to you. In this article, we have told you detailed information about Cyrus Mistry, in which you will be able to understand who Cyrus Mistry was and how he used to work for Tata Group. If after reading this article you have understood well about Cyrus, a popular member of Tata Group, then share it with your friends and do not forget to ask your suggestions, thoughts or any type of question in the comment.