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Often you must have seen CDR short word on the internet, but do you know what is CDR , or what is the full form of CDR?

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Have you come to this blog for CDR Full Form or any kind of information related to CDR, if you have come to this blog to get information related to CDR then you have come to the right place. Today in this article, we are going to give many types of information related to CDR, just read our article completely.

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I promise you will get answers to all the questions related to CDR in your mind, so let’s start and get various types of information related to CDR Full Form and CDR in details.

If not, then definitely read this article completely, because here we are going to give complete information about CDR

As you may know, CDR is a short name, which you must have heard or seen somewhere, keeping that in mind, we are going to explain the complete information about CDR in detail.

CDR Full Form

The full name of CDR is Call Detail Record , which in Hindi is called Call Detail Record .

A call record file maintained by a telephone company or other telecommunications company that contains all telephone calls, and other communications messages, that pass through its facility or equipment.

CDR Full Form :-

CDR is a very common word which is heard by almost everyone but many people do not know CDR Full Form and also do not know what CDR is. 

Friends, you must be aware that in today’s world all people are becoming digital and the main reason for people becoming digital is mobile phone, which almost every person definitely has. 

Friends, you must know that we get many types of facilities from mobile phones, the biggest facility of mobile phones is calling. 

Through calling, we can easily talk to people far away from us, with the help of calling, we can talk to people living not only in our country but also outside the country. 

What is CDR?

As we mentioned above, the full name of CDR is Call Detail Record, which contains a record file of the details of all those calls that go through the equipment or service of the telephone company.

Apart from Call Detail Record , there are other full names of CDR, which we have shown below, so that you can get information about that too.

Full name:in Category:
Crash Data RetrievalSoftware
Charging Data RecordTechnology
Climate Data RecordAcademic & Science
Committed Data RateNetworking
Carbon Dioxide RemovalTechnology
Critical Design ReviewSpace Science

Friends, by reading the information given above, you must have come to know that the full name of CDR is ‘Call Detail Record’. 

CDR is such a record that means CDR is a record file of the details of all those calls that go through the equipment or service of the telephone company. 

Information about phone calls and other related activities of any person is recorded through CDR. It records the following types of information like-

  • When was the call made? 
  • For how long was the conversation held by calling? 
  • Who was called and from whom was the call received? 
  • Where was the call made from? 
  • Where was the call made? 

When the police get the Call Detail Record (CDR) of a suspect from his telephone company, it includes the details of all the calls made from the mobile number in a certain time period, such as all calls from March 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021. Key details will be in that CDR. 

CDR file contains information like phone number, call time, IMEI number, IMSI number, call duration, call time, yesterday date, first tower ID, last tower ID etc. 

When the police get the CDR from the telephone company of a suspect, the telephone company gives the police a file in Excel format. The file received from the telephone company is opened in Microsoft Office Excel (MS Excel). 

After opening the file, many types of fields appear in it like Calling Party (A), Called Party (B), Time, Date, Duration, Call Type, IMEI Number , IMSI Number, First Call ID, Last Call ID etc. Apart from this, many other types of information are given in the CDR file. 

Benefits of CDR? :-

Friends, if we talk about the Advantage of CDR, then we get many benefits from it, the Advantage of CDR is as follows- 

  • Through CDR, the police and the investigating agency can see the call details of a suspicious person, this makes it very easy to solve the case.
  • It is also known from the CDR that to whom and where the suspicious person had called. 
  • Due to the recording of calls, the crime committed digitally can be controlled. 
  • With its help, the police can easily catch a suspicious person or criminal. 
  • It can also be produced in court as evidence of electronic records. 

Apart from all these, there are many other benefits of CDR.

Other full forms of CDR :-

Friends, apart from Call Detail Record, many other bridges are crossed by CDR, all the full forms of CDR are as follows-

1. CDR Full Form in Software :-

In the field of software, the full form of CDR is “Crash Data Retrieval”. 

2. CDR Full Form in Technology :-

In the field of technology, the full form of CDR is “Charging Data Record” and “Carbon Dioxide Removal”.

3. CDR Full Form in Networking :-

In the field of networking, the full form of CDR is “Committed Data Rate”. 

4. CDR Full Form in Academic & Science :-

In this field, the full form of CDR is “Climate Data Record”. 

5. CDR Full Form in Space Science :-

The full form of CDR in this field is “Critical Design Review”. 

FAQ :-

What is the full form of CDR?

The full form of CDR is ” Call Detail Record “, we know it in our language as ‘Call Detail Record’.

How to get call details of any mobile number?

There are many such applications available on the Google Play Store, with the help of which call details of any number can be extracted.

For how many days can call details be available?

Ans: With the help of the application available on the Google Play Store, you can extract the call details of any number from the last 7 days to the last 30 days.


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