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Attitude dialogues –Do you also like attitude Hindi dialogues like me? On this post today, I am going to share with you more than one which we know as killer attitude dialogue. 

Attitude dialogues

 In all the movies that are coming today, you are not getting to see that much special Hindi dialogue, but you are getting to see it in the picture of South movies. For example, there is such a dialogue in KGF, Pushpa in this movie that everyone remembers it. “I will not bow down, brother”. Hearing such dialogues one’s soul trembles and feels like listening to it again and again. Similarly, we are going to share you   attitude dialogue in english hindi in this article. And most of the people you know are active on Facebook or active on Instagram, where such  attitude fb dialogue between your loved ones and friends will make you happy. 

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So let’s see, Hindi status is copy attitude. I also like strong dialogue status. Whenever I get time, I watch a lot of Bollywood movies, but nowadays I have started liking South Indian movies too. And after watching Pushpa and KGF, I have started liking South Indian movies more. It was from there that I felt that best dialogue in Hindi, powerful dialogue poetry will decorate with you. 

attitude dialogues killer in hindi fb hindi status shayari copy dumdar dialogue status best in hindi

“Kabhi kabhi lagta hain ki apun hi Bhagwaan hain.”

Pushpa nam sunkar

What is the meaning of flower………

fire have you ever..

If I came out without clothes….

 So everyone will call me Pushpa Bhai Pushpa Bhai…

 But if you came out without uniform…

 So even a dog will not recognize you.

Attitude dialogues

Hearing the name Pushpa

Do you understand flower,

Fire Hey I…

Sitting in a boat and throwing nets

is very easy.

if you get into the water

Big fish will eat!!

Our business is our business, none of your business.”

This world has put a pistol in your hand,

and ax in my hand

We are all fighting our own battles.

Insaan ka motion uska emotion ke saath juda hota hai.”

If you have courage then thousands of people are standing behind you then you will only win the battle. But thousands of people gathered courage that if you stand in front, you will win the whole world.

Mother is the biggest warrior in this world.

“Goli nahin marenge, keh ke lenge uski.”

Not everyone with their finger on the trigger is a shooter. Not everyone who lays hands on a girl is a man. And no one can understand your status except your loved ones.

Attitude dialogues

Don: ‘Mumbai kya tere baap ki hai kya re…’, Rocky: No re, it belongs to your father and I am your father.

Powerful people come from powerful places.

The breath of a wounded lion is more terrifying than its roar.

It doesn’t matter who dies first in a fight, what matters is who falls down first.

You have to spread your hand for chiller, you have to raise your hand for notes.

“Tumse naa ho payega.”

“Ye two kilo ka haath jab kisi pe padta hai na to aadmi uthta nahi uth jata hai.”

Even the one above must have felt ashamed, must have thought that I had created the most beautiful thing, human, human.. When I looked down, everyone became insects.. insects!!

Aadmi uske kaam se nahi… uski think se bada hota hai

It is said that if you want something from your heart, then the whole universe tries to make it meet you. 

I have tried so hard to get you that every particle has conspired me to meet you.

 The picture is yet to come my friend..

Tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh milti gayi My Lord, par insaaf nahi mila!”

“Hum jahan khade hote hain line yahi se shuru hoti hai.”

If you want to live a long life, then you should seek to respect the enemy… no matter how weak you may be.

Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai, naam hai Shahenshaah!”

Let your anger flow in tears…use it and change it

Saw death like the dust of the feet, like a sultan rejecting fate, walking on a sharp dagger by pressing the sparks with his feet… killing the fear that arose in the heart… creating an army of livers and surrounded the enemy, destroying time Mahakal has come.

“Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti-choti baatein hoti rehti hai, Senorita.”

They have started this fight… the intoxication of ending it has gone to my head.

Attitude dialogues

Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahi.”

“Parampara. Pratishtha. Anushasan. Yeh is the teen stambh hai of Gurukul.”

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