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Alakh Pandey Biography:- Alakh Pandey is the name of the great personality who started his career with YouTube channel and while teaching on YouTube, he founded India’s 100th Unicorn Company. His YouTube channel ” Physics Wala” has taken the form of an application. Whose valuation is currently more than 8 thousand crores. 

Alakh Pandey: Today we will talk about Physics Wala i.e. an education startup which has recently completed its journey of becoming a unicorn by raising $100 million from investors through Series A funding. After raising 100 million dollars i.e. 770 crores, this company has crossed its valuation of 1 billion dollars. Due to which this startup known as Physics wallah has now joined the list of 8000 crore rupees unicorn company. The founder and CEO of this company ( Physics wallah ) is – Alakh Pandey . Who have taken this startup to such heights with their sincere efforts over the years.

Alakh Pandey was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. His famous name is Physics Wala , by this name he also runs his YouTube channel . If you are searching Alakh Pandey Biography on Google or you want to get information like Alakh Pandey wife name, different Pandey net worth, then stay with our article till the end. 

If you want to study engineering and medical and want to make your future in this field, then you must have known Alakh Pandey. He is a popular teacher as well as a big businessman. He launched an application named Physics Wala, under which many children today are able to get engineering and medical education from their homes online. Today, through this article, we will share with you some interesting information like Alakh Pandey Biography and Alakh Pandey Physics Wala, Alakh Pandey Networth. 

Alakh Pandey Biography

NameAlakh Pandey
surnamePhysics Wala
birth placePrayagraj Uttar Pradesh
date of birth2 October 1991
Workyoutuber, businessman, and teacher
reason for prevalenceThe owner of Physics Wala Unicorn Company
name of the companyPhysics Wala
Property8000 crores

Alakh Pandey Biography

Alakh Pandey was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is Satish Pandey and his mother’s name is Rajat Pandey, besides his younger sister Aditya Pandey in his family. He started his career with a YouTube channel, today his company has exceeded 8000 crores.

Alakh Pandey sir currently has more than 20 YouTube channels, where earlier he used to run a physics channel only to explain engineering 11th and 12th physics. 

Today they are Military Wala to prepare for NDA, Engineering Wala to prepare for JEE, Competition Wala to prepare for some government jobs, NCERT Wala, and 9th class and 10th He also runs different YouTube channels like Physics Wala Foundation for class children. Apart from his many youtube channel applications, Alakh Pandey Sir is also a great motivational speaker. 

Childhood of Alakh Pandey

Alakh Pandey is originally from Prayagraj (erstwhile Allahabad). He is survived by his parents (father Satish Pandey and mother Rajat Pandey) and a sister – Aditi. Earlier the economic condition of his house was not very good. And there came a time when his parents had to sell their house to educate their two children i.e. Alakh and daughter Aditi. Despite such circumstances, Alakh Pandey was very good at studies from the beginning.

He did his early schooling from Bishop Johnson School in Prayagraj itself. Let us tell that he got 91% marks in high school and 93.5% in 12th. Slowly understanding the economic condition of the house, he started teaching children younger than him from the time of school. After some time, Alakh Pandey started teaching in a coaching for 3 thousand rupees a month.

Who is the physics guy? , Who is Physics wala

Physics Wala is a popular youtube channel which was started around 2017 by a teacher named Alakh Pandey. At present, there are more than 8 million subscribers on this YouTube channel and this YouTube channel is considered the best for children engineering and medical preparation. 

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Alakh Pandey sir teaches children through his YouTube channel, his YouTube channel became popular very quickly because of his way of teaching. When it started happening on YouTube channel, then he started an application and launched different types of courses under it.

 Alakh Pandey

Through his application, he brought engineering and medical preparations online to children at very cheap prices. His application and company’s name is also Physics Wala, which is currently registered as India’s 100th Unicorn Company. 

Apart from this, the real name of the physics guy is Alakh Pandey, who is not only known as a YouTube teacher and teacher but also as a great businessman and motivational speaker.

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Early Life of Alakh Pandey | Physics Wala Biography

Alakh Pandey was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh. There he completed his early education from the Bishop’s School. After which he completed his mechanical engineering education from Harcourt Butler Engineering College, Kanpur. 

However, due to financial condition, he could not complete his engineering education. He started his YouTube channel on 27 January 2014, during that time he was teaching as a teacher in an institute and school.

 Gradually, the number of people on the YouTube channel started increasing and the children were impressed by his way of teaching. In today’s time, Alakh Pandey prepares for engineering, medical, military and other government jobs. 

He started working on his application when his YouTube channel had crossed one million subscribers. Gradually, his application started happening and Alakh Pandey has recently received funding of $ 100 million, due to that funding, his company has become India’s 100th unicorn company. 

Education of Alakh Pandey | Alakh Pandey Education

Alakh Pandey was very good in studies since childhood. He has done his early education from Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh, after completing his 10th and 12th standard from Bishop’s School, he went to Harcourt Butler Engineering College, Kanpur. There he completed his mechanical engineering education.

In 2015, he dropped out from his BTech degree and then started teaching in an engineering institution in Kanpur. During this, he also worked in a school to teach the children of class IX and X. 

Since childhood, he used to take part in drama in his school and college, due to which his art of drama was visible while teaching. Because of this, children are able to connect with different Pandey sir very quickly and understand the concepts explained by him in a better way.

After studying engineering and teaching children for years, he launched the application of physics to teach children, two very successful too. 

family of alakh pandey sir Physics Wala (Alakh Pandey) Family

In the family of Alok Pandey sir, his father’s name is Satish Pandey and mother’s name is Rajat Pandey. His younger sister Aditi Pandey is also present in his family. He is very close to his parents and has also uploaded some videos of his family on his YouTube channel. Alakh Pandey sir is not married yet, because of this only so many people are present in his family at present.

Everyone wants to know about Alag Pandey wife, so let us tell you that although Alag Pandey Sir has never made any comment about his personal life but at present he is not married. Some sources believe that he has a girlfriend, on the basis of those sources it has been found that there is a woman named Shivani Dubey who is the girlfriend of Alag Pandey sir, although we do not take responsibility for the truth of this news. 

Apart from his family and personal life, Pandey sir does not comment much and does not even like to answer such questions in interviews. He has clarified that his focus at this time is to make his business bigger and to make education accessible to people in simple language and easily.

Youtube Journey of Alakh Pandey | Physics Wallah YouTube Channel

Alakh Pandey sir has told that he started his YouTube career in college days. During his engineering college, he had made his YouTube channel Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey where he used to upload some short videos in the context of teaching physics. 

At that time his YouTube channel did not get much more views. Although this is in 2014, YouTube channel and internet were not so popular in India at that time.

He started uploading different types of videos in the context of Physics on his YouTube channel continuously since 2014. But after the arrival of Jio in 2016, the rich of his YouTube channel started growing very fast. In 2018 he collected more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

After this he started working on his application and launched his application in 2020 during the corona pandemic. Although the application got crushed as soon as it was launched due to high traffic, but after that the application was launched again in May 2020 and since then the application of Physics Wala is running successfully.

In 2022, he has received $100 million funding, due to which his company has emerged as a popular unicorn company in India. At present, it is the only Unicorn Education Company in India with Physics. 

Alakh Pandey Net Worth | Alakh Pandey Net Worth

Alakh Pandey was popularly known as Physics Wala and today everyone wants to know about different Pandey network. He has made his YouTube channel a company of 8000 crores. This means that the value of his company is more than 8000 crores at present, with this he works to manage and pay salary to his employees and other staff.

left engineering and started teaching

Alakh Pandey took admission in engineering after completing 12th. His father had also taken a loan to do engineering, although Alakh Pandey did not complete his engineering course and left his studies in the third year and came back to Prayagraj and started teaching physics in coaching. He continued to teach in tuitions and coaching as usual, which met his financial needs. He did not get admission in any coaching institute during that time because he could not afford such fees to study himself.

Therefore, leaving his engineering studies, he started teaching in coaching. Impressed by his studies, the founder of Coaching advised him to start a YouTube channel. After which he (Alakh Pandey) started his YouTube channel named Physicswala in the year 2015. Although he did not get much success in this initially. Despite this, he persisted for it and then in the year 2017 he started reading students completely on YouTube. In this, Prateek Maheshwari, who did engineering from IIT BHU, also started teaching with him.

In the year 2020, the students preparing for competitive exams like NEET and JEE were benefited a lot in the lock-down at the time of Corona, as well as the YouTube channel also became very famous. In the same year, Alakh Pandey along with Prateek Maheshwari registered a company as Physicswala Private Limited.

He told that his students have a hand behind the success of his company. This is because efforts are on to fulfill whatever students have been advising them so far. And by doing this his channel kept getting better day by day. Even today, he has been making changes in his teaching methods and other things according to the needs of the students.

Rejected offer of 75 crores

After some time, on the demand of children (students) and understanding their need, Alakh Pandey also launched its app. The popularity of the channel was such that at least more than 50 lakh people downloaded the application. The result of this popularity was that one of the popular companies in the coaching world offered a package of 75 crores annually to Alakh Pandey due to increasing competition. Which he refused. This company was unacademy.

While another Academy and Byju’s was preparing for a package of lakhs of rupees, Physicswala was getting the students ready for a package of only 999 rupees. For this reason he (Alakh Pandey) was given this offer, which he turned down. He said that his aim is to provide this facility to the students of the deprived community of the country, who do not get the opportunity to prepare due to financial constraints.

Today , Alakh Pandey ‘s company is one of the profitable startup companies, which currently has more than 6 million students, more than 1500 teachers and an education startup with a revenue of Rs.350 crores. Alakh Pandey says that he will use these funds for business expansion, branding, opening more PW offline centers and starting courses in other local languages.

Alakh Pandey

But apart from this, if we talk about Alag Pandey network, then according to some sources, it has been found that the earning of Alag Pandey sir is more than Rs 1 crore 50 lakh per month. His source of income is more than 20 youtube channels and online classes of Physics Wala Application and offline coaching institute of Physics Wala. 

Alakh Pandey Social Media Links

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FAQ’s Alakh Pandey Biography

Q. Who is Alakh Pandey Sir?

Alakh Pandey Sir teaches engineering, medical and other fields to people through YouTube, apart from this he also has an application known as Physics Wala.

Q. What is the company name of Alakh Pandey sir?

Alakh Pandey runs a YouTube channel by the name of Sir Physics Wala Which has become the unicorn company of India. 

Q. What is Physics Wala Girlfriend name?

Alakh Pandey, the physics guy or the owner of this company, does not have a girlfriend, he is not even married yet, but according to some sources, Shivani Dubey has been associated with Pandey sir. 

Q: Physics Wallah Founder & CEO?

Ans. Alakh Pandey

Q: Physics Wallah Date of Birth?

Ans: 2 October 1991

Q: Physics Wallah Birth Place?

Ans: Prayagraj (UP)

Q: Physics Wallah Marriage Status?

Ans: Love Marriage

Q: PW Net Worth?

Ans. 8000+ Crore


In today’s article, we have tried to present the biography of Alakh Pandey sir in simple words. If after reading this article, you have been able to understand Alakh Pandey sir’s company Physics Wala and some special things related to his life in simple words, then share it with your friends, do not forget to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.