What is Phantom Loading With Definition

What is Phantom Loading With Definition

1.when the appliance is turned off and it accept the electricity it is called as Phantom loading.

2.The Phantom loading is called in two names vampire loading and virtual loading.

3.The Phantom loading is mainly adopted and occupy in electronic appliances.

4.when the energy of this appliances is rotated as meter it doesn’t gain the power.

Phantom Loading

1.The Phantom loading is used by very less power and rating of this loading is having ability of energy meter

2.The Phantom loading of current supply is low so it will list most of the electricity and become very small particles.

3.It is used for testing the energy meter.

4.There are two types of coil namely pressure coil and current coil.ans is individually divided in single to produce supply source.

5.The coil of pressure is gained the energy from small supply voltage.

6.The coil of current is being energies by very small voltage and less power of voltage is produced.

7.The pressure and current coil circuit have less obstruction of movement of the electron.

8.The high percentage of electricity is passed through the highly rated current.

9.The current coil having low power to produce current.

10.The pressure coil having lower power to produce current.


The rate of voltage across direct current is 220v.ampere of current is 9.The resistance is resistivity of current coil and pressure of coil is 4400 ohm and 0.1ohm respectively.there are direct and indirect current accessible in the voltage and power is consumption by Phantom loading.


 Pressure coil


Current circuit


Total power of current circuit


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