What is High voltage direct current


High voltage direct current

The high voltage current is being used by the long straight line through over power consumption and this over power will give raise to the long distance power.the bulk power of transformer is getting reduced by the direct current.It losses the energy flow  and frequency are always changed in the time .

The direction of current is change the time during every second and minute by this change of time it travel into the voltage and current.the heat is absorbed when the losses are inside the insulator.which Line is different in the Ac current supply it doesn’t change the direct current.it disconnect the power supply and the transformer transmission gets rapidly through the circuit.

1.The two types of AC current and DC current voltage is ended in time.

2.It is periodically consists of long distance.


 1.It gives the clear image and need the less phase in ground system.

2.The tower of this current wire is very less.

3.there are only minimum number of conductors and insulator are use .

4.It reduce the power supply of less due to the direct current.

5.corona loss is less compared to the other appliances.

Dis advantages:

1.The HVDC transmission is very high and competitive.

2.It doesn’t change the transformer levels because it have high level of current.

3.when the converter is occurs due to the heat loss and the cooling system is active.

4.The sending and receiving points are gathered together to form the transmission line.


Considered all the advantages and disadvantages of DC the high voltage current will perform active and useful to the people by helping of produce current.