What is Electrical Substation-Definition


Electrical substation:

  • There are various types of equipment required for transferring the electric current into generate the unit system and electric power.
  • The materials required for substation is known as isolator and power transformer etc….
  • The electric supply of substation are attached together and form the current.
  • Let us saw the main part installed materials are given below.

Lighting arrester:

  • In the electrical substation the order of first electric is called as lighting arrester.
  • The flow of current during time duration and the current density is being transferred from equipment of High voltage.
  •  In the parallel line substation the lightning arrester is connected between the line and earth.
  •  This will protect the electrical substation.
  • The insulator system and conductor system are damaged by the lightning arrester.
  • They are classified into different types let us saw about in detail.


1.power of the transformer is step down the current through low voltage into high voltage.and the transmission of stepping up substation are the main consumption of power transformer.

2.for high cooling surface the water are cooled by the air blast

3.The transformer consider as a Full load transformer the heavy point of current will lead to disconnect the current transferring.


1.The instrument transformer is used to low down the high voltage current and protect the people by fault of wires.

2.The main practical value of conventional instrument is calculated by the current voltage.