what is current transformer and potential transformer


What Is Current Transformer and Potential Transformer


  • The curren transformer is mainly used to convert the high voltage current to low voltage current and give the correc value of current to home appliances.
  • Transformer current is used to transform the current from high  to low and produce current.
  • This transformer current is used when we want alternating current circuit this will help to maintain the high voltage current.
  • The transformer line consists of larger diameter wire because it will consider the most effective current and carry through that wire  in this reason it is very difficult to measure the current directly.
  • The Current transformer is used to reduce the high voltage current into low voltage current because the transformer gives more effective current this current transformer only having ability to give the fractional value of current.
  • The primary current transformer is connected directly.
  • The secondary transformer is connected to the ammeter.


  • The potential transformer is defined as the current which converts higher value voltage into lower value voltage.
  • It is the type of instrument transformer it will help to transform the current.
  • The primary terminal of potential transformer is connected to the line voltage because the line wires are protect the current fault.
  • This transformer can be measured by the voltmeter or ammeter.