What is an On Load Tap Changing Transformer


                           1.The main switch of transformer is dis connected in the circuit diagram.Then the settings are preferentially changed into another transformer is called on load tap changing transformer.

2.When the transformer delivered the load during the arrangement of ratio condition.

3.The special feature and functions of OLTC transformer is not be opened because of absence of the changer during main current.

4.This transformer having only the short circuit and less power supply.

5.Currents are during divided into different types.

6.They have the ability to change the limit of current.

7.The circuit contains the resistor and reactor type.the tap changer is divided into resistor and reactor type.

8.In the current situation the current are carried out by the pair of resistor.

What is an On Load Tap Changing Transformer


High voltage winding is wound on the low voltage winding.the contact of high voltage is smaller through the smaller contact.

The connection of this current materials have very less power.

This connection is mainly used for emergency uses.which lead to change power supply by driving the mechanical motors.

The tapping takes place in the house board of transformer.


 Tapping Needed to

                       1.The voltage system had frequently changed.

2.The main consumption of this appliance is to keep the output inside the transformer.

3.This modern days the large nuclear reactor are changed by the on load tap.

What is an On Load Tap Changing Transformer


The on load tap changing reactor is mainly maintained by the two ways namely

1.On-load tap changing transformer using a resistor.

2.on-load tap changing transformer using a reactor.