What is a DC Machine-Definition, Working, Types


Application of small DC machine:

               1.The alternating current system is mainly used by the people in this modern days and it generates the system.

                2.The DC motor are supply small and medium range of current.the use of DC current is mainly produce small current.

                3.There are three types of DC application.

                 ✓Electrolytic processes

                 ✓Welding processes

                 ✓variable speed motor.

1.application of DC motor

2.application of DC generator.


The alternating current is first used to operate the current then it is modified to DC rectifiers.It will reduce and get down the Ac current by other applications.

1.Applications of DC motors:

      There are three types of application mainly used in this motors

Series motors

                     1.The DC motors are takes place where the  speed is possible to various types.

                     2.Example: Compressor, vacuum cleaner, sewing system,etc….

Shunt motors

                     1.The shunt motors are takes place by where the speed of motors is non severe condition.

                      2.Example:pumps,fans, motors,etc……

 Compound motors

                       1.When the speed of motors are in constant medium then only it takes place in higher compound motors.

                       2.Example:elevators,rolling mills,heavy planners,etc….

2.Applications of DC generators:

           This generator are having three types namely

Excited DC generators:

                        1.The DC motors are helpful to supply the source of current.

                         2.They have a wide range of output.and used widely in lab work.

Shunt generators:

                         1.This type of generators are used in low tension battery and charging the battery.

                          2.It produce alternating current also when the circuit is off .

                           3.It produce the flash to home and light.

Series generators:

                            1.The series generators are also known as parallel conductor because it produce the distribution of current.

                            2.Where the power supply is high it is used in lighting and flash light.

                            3.Example:It is used in hotels, office,homes,etc…