Single Line Power Supply System


Single Line Power Supply System

1.The network of electric energy is further developed by the generating system and the current transformer.

2.The time and distance between generating system and distribution system was divided into three types.

3.The High voltage current and transmission is very important to carry the charge between the is the process of utility.

4.The transmission system get under the level of distribution system.

5.This type transmission line having higher electrical energy.

 6.when the voltage is acting for low tension battery it doesn’t appear on the longer distance because it doesn’t have a High voltage.

7.The energy of power supply is transferred many substation.

8.The voltage across the current value is step down into the sudlb transmission level.

9.Again the voltage is decreased during commercial area and low voltage current.

10.The consumers are settled in the secondary distribution level.

Single Line Power Supply System


 The power station consider as a generating system and is classified into more power station.

1.The practical zone of this transfer is economically high value.

2.The demand of this current during installed by the less power.

3.It reserved the generating capacity. always permit the cheapest price and quality of material.

5.reduce the cost .