Principle and Working for Chopper


The chopper is very high speed to convert the chopper device to DC input voltage and DC output voltage.the main thought of equivalent transformer is known as AC current is defined as the identical manner.

The output voltage and input voltage is always variable to the another type of chopper.the minimum value required for the output voltage is after and before based input DC voltage source.let us saw the diagram for chopper.

The step down or step up transformer is used to fix the DC input voltage.the another DC input voltage is called as the step down chopper.


Principle and working of chopper:

The chopper is having high speed and on or off the current circuit.

The switches are very high.

This chopper is connected between the fast speed.above picture is represented the principle.The voltage current is become zero because the switch is off.the output voltage is shown in the below figure.

When the switches are off finally it find the way for wheeling diode.D diode is act as voltage.The forward bias switch is off.The another image is continuously applied let us saw it

The above diagrams are we saw about the principle and working of chopper.


Duty Cycle = TON / (TON+TOFF)

Assuming (TON+TOFF) = T, duty cycle is given as below.

Duty Cycle, α  = (TON / T)

Output voltage:

Vo = TON Vs / (TON+TOFF)

But, TON / (TON+TOFF) = α


Vo = αVs

The final value of chopper is written us

Vo = TON Vs / (TON+TOFF)

= Vs TON / T

Assuming 1/T = Chopping frequency

Vo = f Vs TON

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