Power Triangle Definition


Power of triangle:

The triangle is three shaped diagram.the sides of this active,reactive,and apparent always based on the power and consumption of heat energy.It is consist of active,reactive,and apparent power supply and is perpendicular to each other.

The power of triangle is always tried to required in the new concept.the phase diagram is consist of inductive,capacitive,load is connected between the active current and reactive current.multiplication voltage are crossed across the reactive power respectively

OA = Active Current

OC = Reactive Current

OB = Circuit Current

Power Triangle provides the relationship between the three quantities and following information

1) Active Power P, Reactive Power Q and Apparent Power S are related as

S = P + jQ

S2 = P2 + Q2

S = √(P2 + Q2)

2)Power factor formula is

pf = cosØ

Thus, 0≤ pf ≤1

3)The angle between AB and AC in the power triangle is always lagging due to the impact of current supply.

4) Active Power (P), Reactive Power (Q) and Apparent Power (S) are given as

P = VIcosØ

Q = VIsinØ

S = VI

The all above formula are used to calculate the power of triangle.