Pin Insulator Advantages & Disadvantages


The voltage of pin Insulator is 33 kV. It is placed on the supporting tower. cross between the arm.The conductor are placed in the upper position. The pin Insulator is received by the Insulator body through the thimble lead. This conductor is tied by the Insulator on straight line through position of top groove and side grooves. the wires are around the same material. This is called pin insulator.

  • The uses of pin insulator is making of silicon rubber,polymer,porcelain,ceramic etc ..
  • This is attached to the non conducting materials.
  • Weight of this material is very high compared to the porcelain insulator material.
  • Being low voltage,single piece insulator and high voltage two or more pieces are attached to the material and increase the thickness of material.
  • The insulator provides leakage current.
  • The total dry arcing distance is equal to the direct distance air.

Pin Insulator

Advantages of pin insulator:

1.The strength of this mechanical is very high.

2.The creepage distance have good pin insulator.

3.The voltage distribution line is very high.

4.The pin type insulator is having very less maintenance and power.

5.This insulator is provided and used vertically as well as horizontally.

Disadvantages of pin insulator:

1.The pin insulator is being damaged by the insulator thread.

2.It is distribution of line.

3.only 36 kV of voltage rating is used .

4.This insulator lines are very high and effective.

Pin insulator causes:

1.The insulator is punctured in the arc passes through the insulator body temperature.

2.flash lights are filled in the insulator and produce current.

3.The discharge of surrounding air between flash light is bringing by the insulator.

4.During this causes the insulator is not damaged.but the insulator becomes is widely used in many functional disturbances.

5.The leakage current will increase the resistance through flash light.

6.The thickness of the material is very useful and protect the insulator by do not come into Any other appliances.

7.The size and weight of pin insulator is above 66kv.

8.suspension insulator are called as pin insulator.

Pin Insulator