Methods of SCR turn ON


Methods of SCR turn ON:

The scr mode is on the forward bias and forward condition mode.These methods are blocked by the scr pannel during the plan of forward current.Tye forward bias consists of cathode and anode Ray then it will passed through the negative and positive terminal.The forward bias current mode is included in low impedance,low voltage,drop across anode and cathode.The current flow and circuit flow is passed through the flow of current.The family of thyristor is treated when scr is ON.

The SCR is boardly divided into five types namely

1.forward voltage triggering

2.Gate triggering

3.dv/dt triggering

4.Temperature or thermal triggering

5.Light triggering

We must know about the types of triggering and uses of triggering let us saw it

Forward voltage triggering:

First we know about the forward voltage triggering.In the scr on appliances are mainly used by increasing the value of voltage current.Tge voltage current is further increase

The above diagram are holding the current in circuit and hence it is called forward voltage triggering.

Gate triggering:

The scr mode is ON due to the action of positive terminal and forward bias gate current.when the SCR switch is turned on it simply got the reliable value of current.

Let us saw the diagram for gate triggering

The above diagram are being calculated by the cathode and anode rays and it is called gate triggering.

dv/dt triggering:

The current circuit is moves through the insulator by junction (j1)to junction (j2).

The rate of forward biased current is always in the positive terminal.

A reverse biased junction are treated by the capacitor

Q = CV

Differentiating both sides w.r.t time, we get

dQ/dt = C(dV/dt)

But current I = dQ/dt

⇒ I = C(dV/dt)

The above formula is used to calculate the triggering.

Temperature triggering:

The temperature triggering is also another type of thermal triggering.already we know that reverse biased current and forward biased current is increasing in the temperature during heat is produced.The heat temperature is being changed the circuit then it is called Temperature triggering.

Light triggering:

The scr on switch is being calculated by the light triggering because of the source of light will fall in the glass plate.wavelength of the optical fibre is called light triggering.