Meaning of BDV test in Transformer

Meaning of BDV test in Transformer:

The expand form of BDV is Breakdown voltage test.It control the transformer from no one affect this appliance.Becacuse it is made up of dielectric strength and poured by the oil Transformer.During the insertion of dielectric current the maximum capacity of current is produced.This will takes place in the transformer oil.

The transformer is mainly produce two types of purpose namely Insulation purpose and cooling purpose of the transformer core.according to the voltage purpose it rating the current flows in transformer.

Let us saw the oil sample and sample bottle in the figure below

BDV test in Transformer

The break down voltage test is considered in the bottle and transformer.when the oil is filled in the sample bottle moisture air is getting filled and then air is produced in the oil transformer.

Low voltage current is takes place in the sample bottle because of the moisture air is produced in it.This is the main consumption of leading and protect the oil transformer.

This is called Breakdown voltage test.

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