Meaning of Alternating Current Voltage and How to Control The Voltage


Meaning of Alternating current voltage and how to control the voltage


The Alternating current voltage is a fixed current .It will especially working in the given current transformer and functioning the low voltage current circuit.

The voltage current can be controlled by this device and is finally worked in the natural communication of current.

The meaning of phase control is relationship between the load current and supply the current voltage by the differentiation of circuit controller.

Working and principle of AC voltage controller:

The working of alternating current controller are being specified by two types

1.phase control

2.Integral cycle control.

The thyrister plays an important role in the phase control method,this is differentiated into starting stage of load current.It is controlled by the firing of angle.

The switches are turned OFF and ON this is called the integral cycle controller.The main consumption and working of thermal conductivity is slightly better . application are further similar to the variation in speed or temperature.

Let us saw the pictures in following

control the voltage

It composed of two thyristors and then that are connected between the thyristor(T1)and thyristor(T2).

The forward current always based on the negative cycle.voltage control is functioning by the phase control method.

The time when T1 is based on the forward it will ON.

The voltage controller is shown in the following figure

control the voltage

The above diagrams are using in the alternating  current.and that are having negative terminal in natural selection.

Application of AC voltage controller:

The application of voltage controller are having many points let us saw the important point of AC voltage controller .

1.It control the light source.

2.It change the tap of transformer.

3.The motors are start by the induction.

4.It is used to heat the domestic and industrial electric appliances.

5.The single phase and three phase drive appliances are used in this case.