List of earthing material


List of Earthing Material

The Earthing wires are boardly divided into many parts namely strip Earthing,rod Earthing,plate Earthing,pipe Earthing and Earthing due to water lines.The pipe Earthing and plate Earthing material are used in many appliances because it have the strong resistivity and high will protect the human life to not affect the humans when they want to put on the switches.


  • The Earthing wire is made by the copper wires and it is very effective and protect.
  • The ground potential is being limiting by this type of material.
  • The Earthing material have the ability to reduce the total ground level during the condition of wire.
  • The Earthing system is mainly used for protect people and fault of current is ready by this copper wire.

List of earthing material

Let us saww about detai in following points

1.In the repair of switch box the person trying to operate the switches means it doesn’t affect the person who operate.

2.The larger diameter of copper wire should behave like the protective material and straight line through the conductor.when the current wire is damaged it will put into the ground and don’t touch the people means it will protect the person.

3.because the production and maintanence of ground level mat is designed by the copper will increase the birth rate of person.

List of earthing material

 Water Earthing:

1.The GI copper is made by the thin wire and diameter of this copper loss is very high.the steel blinding and covering materials are useful to the person.

2.The water under containing pipe is made by the metal and placed in the ground level.

3.when the pipe is under the water level it doesn’t affect the people by anyway.

4.the copper wire is connected parallel to the other type of wires.

List of earthing material