How to Calculate the Multiplication Factor and Energy Meters

How to calculate hcg 5000iu the Multiplication Factor and Energy Meters


Energy meters are important instrument that is used to measure the value of current and generating the power station.Energy is being calculated by the cumulative energy meters and generated by the station is calculated.

How to Calculate the Multiplication Factor and Energy Meters

The formula for energy meters is

ower = VICosØ where Ø is power factor.

Therefore, Energy meter is connected between the input voltage of current transformer (CT)and potential transformer (PT)

We saw an example of multiple factor,The power of unity and and shake the circuit due to multiplication factor.

The current voltage and phase current always equal to the neutral value.

Phase Voltage = 110/1.732 = 63.5 V

Phase Current = 1 A

Per phase power calculated by the Energy Meter assuming power factor to be unity

= 63.5 x 1 x 1 Watt = 63.5 Watt

Hence, total power as displayed in Meter = 3xPer Pahse Power

= 3×63.5 Watt

= 190.5 Watt

Energy Meter displays the cumulative energy imported / exported in Wh. Hence, energy displayed by meter assuming 190.5 Watt of power is supplied for 1 hour

= 190.5 Wh

How to calculate the multiplication multiplication factor:

Let us saw how we calculate the multiplication factor

Multiplication Factor = (External CT Ratio x External PT Ratio) / (Meter CT Ratio x Meter PT Ratio)

You can find the meter CT and PT ratio in the manufacturer manual. Usually both the ratios are 1.

Let us calculate the Multiplication Factor for our example.


External CT Ratio = 200/1

External PT Ratio = 220 kV / 110 V


Multiplication Factor (MF) = (200×220 kV) / (1×110)

= 400,000

This is the difference between reading of energy meter and multiplication factor.

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