Double Beam Photoelectric Colorimeter


Double Beam Photoelectric Colorimeter

The light travel from the prism and convey into constitutional colour through the individual wavelength and check the colour of light by the given standard solutions.

The main materials and prism to constitute the colorimeter is


glass slab or chamber

Light source


photosensitive detector

The beam of lights are being filled together through colour of solution.

The light solution will capture and stored by photo cell.

Colorimeter are mainly used of chemical and biological such as soil nutrition and solutions concentration,etc…..

double beam photoelectric colorimeter


            The photo are being filter by the person to select the picture by the clearance and quality of the picture this is called filter.


Glass slab:

When the colour of light is passed through the prism it split into many colours and absorbed only the bright colours because the slab is very sensitive so this requires the bright colours.


Light source:

                         The light source have the ability to partially put on silver glass plate and obsorb the light where there is many is from 7km of light so this is called light source.


Galvanometer and ammeter is commonly used where there is high voltage current is reaches the junction of current and produce the high resistance is called galvanometer.


photosensitive detector:

This type of sensitive material are used by the camera and television.

It is very thin layer and don’t absorb the dust particles.

This will help to produce the real image and give best appearance.

This is called photosensitive detector.