What is The Difference Between Active and Passive Elements



The circuit elements are classified into two different types there are

1.Active element

2.passive element

  • This is based on the elements of circuit this it is delivered by voltage or current.
  • The delivery of energy is having capacity to circuit is called active element.
  • The element consumed more energy is called as passive element.
  • This article is known as electrical circuit.


Meaning of active element:

The energy level of a signal is passing through it. This is called as active element..

It is used in the vacuum tube, battery and semi conductor. The above examples are Known as active element.

Active element is composed of circuit. This work is essential for circuit component work. The current element will control through the flow of energy. This require the small voltage and current source to control. The active element also having two types. The output is controlled by the input voltage .

Meaning of passive element:

The simple element of current circuit is called as passive element. The energy supply is converted into the circuit.Example resistor, inductor, capacitor,and thermistor etc…

Passive element is always opposite to the active element.it cannot injuct the current energy.