Definition of AC current and Application

Definition of AC current and Application,Formula:

The average value of AC current and DC curren is always Flow through the same charge and same current to one point charge to the another point charge.

The time t,and charge Q if this current are transferred by any point charge this time variying electric and magnetic field will consumed only average current I .it always function in the same time.

How to calculate Average value of alternating current:

Current I=I’m

ωt = 2π

Let us show the diagram:

Definition of AC current and Application

The definition of AC current in continuous are

t = (2π /ω).

The time variying current circuit charge is transferred by

dq = idt  (Since i = dq/dt)


ωt = 0 to 2π the total charge transfer from one time period.

This is the reason why charge are transferred from one point charge to another point charge .

The alternating current is high because it will produce more effective current and transferred across any current it will always in the zero order reaction.

For the half cycle reactiont= (π/ω).

The half cycle reaction is given below

Where AC current is current = (2Im/ω)

The charge is equal to Q = Iavgx(π/ω)

Iavgx(π/ω) =  (2Im/ω)

Iavg = (2Im / π)

= 0.637Im

The average value of Alternative current value is  0.637.

The above diagram is used to calculate the average value of alternating current .

Average value of alternating current formula:

The alternative current will be calculated easily by the average value.

But the average value of current is just before the basic concepts of alternating a current.

We will saw the following formula

Application of alternating current:

This diagram is helpful to us to find out the current density and single wave rectifier.

i = ImSinωt for 0≤ ωt≤π

= 0 for π ≤ ωt≤2π

The above equations and diagram are helpful to find out the alternating current.

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