Conventional Earthing COPPER Plate Type


Conventional Earthing is vary from the chemical maintain the regular filling or pouring the water there are various purposes comprised of making conventional Earthing in industry.there are different configurations are called conventional Earthing.

Features of conventional Earthing:

        1.It is maintained by low resistance current.

2.It has great electrical conductivity.

3.The price of conventional Earthing is very high and it is competitive in many other appliances.

4.The standard of this conventional Earthing is checked by the international standards.

5.It is made by the industrial grade material and goo quality products.

Uses of conventional Earthing:

         1.This Earthing is maintained in the free materials.

2.It is made in the electrical industries.

3.The power plants are having capacity to increase the current.

4.This materials are very helpful to maintain the current and forming of conductors.

The conventional Earthing is a product and it is very safety product.they have many electrical accessories and  is one of the most important.the highly effective conventional Earthing are made by the accessories.conventional Earthing is very effective product.and is more reliable.the quality of this product is checked by the conductors .the thickness of conventional Earthing plate is 600mm×600mm of copper plate and iron plate thickness is 3to 5 mm place in feet of 4×4.depth 10 feet.