Explanation Construction and Working of AC Generator


Explanation Construction and Working of AC Generator


The AC generator is a appliance that will operate during the electrical machine and electrical energy. The AC current supply will go up and down because of the air cooler will get over cooler.when the heat is observed by the AC generator it will expose the heat and cooled the room. the alternating current and output of the generator will taken .Let us saw the construction and working of AC generator.


The AC generator is making by the two main parts namely




Stator is a stationary component and then winding of armature is around the lamentation because of the thick wire is caused by the Eddy current loss. The main equipment that is used in the electrical power.

This current loss is called stator.


The rotor is being operated in the land because of the machines are rotating and the excitement of magnetic poles are moving north and south poles direction. The Dac current supply are always through carbon brush.


The basic and fundamental use of AC generator working is based on the faradays law. when the rotor of AC generator is rotated by the mover because of the rotation. Due to the ectomagnetic force is induced to the load current are connected.The low voltage of alternative current is produced.

Let us saw the figure of AC generator

Construction and Working of AC Generator

In the above figure direction of current is flow towards the maximum value of current.

Rotor of the 90degree in clockwise direction is given below

Construction and Working of AC Generator

The load current is analysed by the circuit diagram let us saw it

The above diagram and calculation are use to calculate the AC generator.

Construction and Working of AC Generator