Conductor Tensioning System (CTS)


1.The ground and bottom clearance should be maintained by the purpose of safety and conductors are at maximum and minimum temperature.

 2.The services of electricity is having quality and sag of important straight line in the conductors.

3.when the induction of current is get low tension battery in the place of infront of limit it will increase the tension and finally broken.the power is fully destroy by this appliances.

4.Sag is the meaning of conductors between two under level condition.this type of formation is called slag.

5.In another way,where the conductor is connected vertically at higher point in the top of the tower.

6.The adjacent side of conductor is connected between the lower and less point of conductor is calle sag.

7.The shape of conductor is parabola and increase the size.

Affecting of conductor tensioning system:

 1.wind-The direction of slag is increase by the function of wind.

Where the air is blowing towards the direction.

The wind is maintain the slag to produce current.

2.span-The span of conductor is directly proportional to the rate of square of distance between them.

When the needle of span is become high and effective that is called sag.

This type of sag produce more electricity and rate.

3.conductor weight –The weight of sag is directly proportional to the square of curren density

When the conductor is cold it will increase during the ice loading.

The ice loading of weight is called conductor weight.

4.Tension:The tension in the sag is inversely proportional to the conductor.

The stress insulator are increased by the supporting structure.

Higher tension battery are increased.

5.Temperature-when the temperature is raised high therefore the temperature increases.

The sag is reduced at low temperatures.